Monday, November 19, 2007

what motivates you?

I have to say, there is nothing like a gorgeous dress to motivate a girl to re-start the rigorous tummy-flattening-ass-tightening exercises.
You just have to buy a new dress every month or week in the same size (or smaller) to make sure that your body does not hiding extra chips or cream cheese near the region of your backside.

Just like last week; I was walking around the mall waiting for my friend to arrive to have dinner together and just happened to browse this shop. I wasn't intending to buy anything (no wedding invitation or party in plan) but, this dress just caught my eyes and next thing I know, I was queueing for the fitting room.

I am not going to describe much abt the dress as the whole impact is good only if I'm in it; suffice to say that it's a body-hugging-skin-exposing kinda dress....hehhehehe

It took another 2 trips to the shop; once with my girlfriends to cast our vote and 2nd after 2hrs 'thinking time' over dinner and deliberate with the ladies.

Regret to say I did bought that dress against a rather pasionate objection from my dear sis; sorry sis, if you see the dress, you'll understand why I was compelled to buy it....heheheh