Friday, February 27, 2009

What motivates you (2)?

Almost everyday of this week, I've been waking up early in the morning and arrive in the office a few minutes before 9am. Which is quite out of the norm as usually my schedule will follow a loose pattern of:
Monday; arrive at 8.35
Tuesday; arrive at 8:55
Wednesday; arrive at 9:02
Thursday; arrive at 9:10
Friday; arrive at 9:17
or it coulb be; arrive at after 9 for the whole week. (FYI, office hours start at 9am)

Wonder what motivates me? the answer is two-word (as Danny De Vito said in "Hercules") Mini-Bus

Well, I did mentioned in my blog previously that our office has moved to a new location right? Well, that new location is on one of the highest points in Singapore; not that much different how Mt.Everest summit is to Nepal (shrunk 208times; give and take a few hundred meters).

Ever since we moved to this office, I've been climbing a set of staircase every morning (and sometimes at lunch time) to/fro the main road. As the location is in a designated residential area, no convinience store and no cafes around. A quick trip for a stick of ice cream is out of the question. I've learned to be smart with my time, if I have to go on errands, I make sure that its around lunch time and I came back by taxi.

So you can imagine our delight when the landlord of our bulding said that a mini-bus has been provided to carry us in the morning, departing every 8:50am from the main road.
Since then, there is no turning back for me, I've been waking up with renewed spirit every morning, eager to catch the bus!