Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainbow Connection

Isn't it amazing how one song can be sung in so many different style, across different genre and it will evoke different feelings.

I've just came across "Rainbow Connection" (Kenneth Ascher - Paul Williams) arranged by Gil Goldstein, sung by Jane Monheit, with Peter Bernstein at the guitar and Gil Goldstein playing piano and accordion.

It was mellow, fluid, romantic, with the accordion lent Parisian air of the city of lovers. The song easily suggests me the image of couples waltzing under the moonlight (which wouldn't supprise me if the song features as a movie soundtrack someday).

If I didn't search youtube for the music video of that song, I wouldn't know that it was originally sung by Kermit the Frog. And I also found different variations of the song by Jason Mraz, Sarah MacLahlan,etc.

But, I really do prefer Jane/Gil's arrangement. Check it out..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Behind every story is a great Journey"

It was 13.15 in the afternoon, the sky was a big blue bowl, the sun was shining bright enough for me to wish I've had my hat, the air pleasantly warm and dry and stirred into comforting breeze. As I nibbled on parma ham,mozzarela and fresh tomatoes foccacia sandwich (with a side salad and just fried potato chips) I could see as far as the sky meets the sea. The sea which calm, sparkling blue and totally unmarred by ships/sail boats or people doing water sports.

That was not my imagination by the way, that was how it was as I lunched at the Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Bali. It was part of my holiday trip, but the experience deserved its own column.

The resort was perfect for tourist looking for a bit of peace and quiet, away from hot spots such as Kuta, Legian or other destinations.
Bali is dotted with such development, with big brand names catering to the wealthy and privileged. But what separates them are the level of services provided; which also reflected in their villas rate.

When I arrived at the drop off, I was immediately welcomed with a smile and the assurance that the buggy will arrive in a few minutes to take me to the Bar.
The drop off was a huge traditional Bali Pavillion influenced with a contemporary Italian style. The drop off pavillion was cleverly designed to reveal the view with a flourish!

After a 5 minutes ride circling the compound, I was dropped off at the Bar area to enjoy the view and nicely prepared lunch. Over to the right is the infinity pool with a few covered cabanas of weave rattan and cotton scattered by the pool. To my left are the restaurants. The Bar itself is a big open-air pavillion perched right at the edge of the cliff.

The villas are spread out over the compound in a terraced manner to give maximum view of the Indian Ocean for each villa.
Although I didn't have the chance to tour the whole place or any of the villas, I am quite impressed with what I've seen.

As the buggy drive me back to the drop off, the driver alerted the drop off attendant to summon my ride. I really need not to request it. They anticipated your needs and most of the times provide it before you ask!

Next trip, I am going to try the spa.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

flying fox and babysitting

As mentioned before, I really wanted to get away for sometime now and last weekend I was flying off to Bali to spend 3 days there. It was quite an improptu thing, since a friend of mine will be there for the weekend as well on a business trip.

The first 2 days, I spent with my uncle's family (they reside there) and my sister (she works there), we went for local delicacies, day trips (flying fox), spa and dinners together.

And then the last night I went to stay at a hotel (selfishly I wanted some time alone to regroup and enjoy lazy days). It proved to be quite a good decision, as I managed to catch that magnificent sunset at Kuta Beach with Fency, do some sightseeing and shopping at Legian (found the cutest bathing suit! exactly what I had in mind)
I was regreting (a bit) of not staying in the hotel earlier, as I met this guy who is the hotel's photographer. I think he was quite cute (can't see clearly without my glasses as I was swimming). Wonder what might ensue from that meeting if I were not due for check out in 2 hours....

From Bali, I fly back home and stayed at my sis' place for the rest of my holidays, babysitting.
She recently moved from the centre of town to the suburbs (way WAY out in the suburbs), where a decent mall is 30 minutes away. Whereas my parent's house is 10 minutes away from one of the poshest malls in town.

Knowing I'll be at my sis, I brought my little munchkins some snacks and chocolate bites. Imagine my horror when my sis said that they are ALERGIC TO CHOCOLATES!!! OH NO! my poor bambini...I hope they outgrow it though..
So for 5 days, I coddled them, soothe them, break their fights, change their wet pants,etc etc..But I have to say when the rewards are big hugs, toothy grins, and sloppy kisses, its well worth it.
They are in their first week of school and I just got this cutest picture of them in their uniforms.
Luna and Jovann remember me still as I was there during their early days (from birth to 1-ish), but little sebastian still wary of me up to the day I left. He is one tough nut to crack.

Anyhow, it was one of the nicest holiday I've had in long time.....with nothing to do but what I want to...Isn't that what great holidays are?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


You know, relative is a funny thing, never saw someone in your life, but blood are thicker than water.

My aunt's (from my mother's side) brother-in-law's great uncle just left me his BMW Z4, along with a trust fund for the upkeep of the car. Petrol, maintenance, taxes, insurance, I just have to present the receipts to the trustee and all will be taken care of. Nice eh...

Unfortunately off course, it was all just in my head......(sigh)

PS: I don't have an aunt from my mother's side..:P

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finally...(part 1)

These last few weeks have been really hectic. Our office move to a new location and that requires almost all my energy and concentration. I honestly think that I didn't do much else except taking care of all that's related to the moving process.

I really do not wish to repeat the process anytime soon, say another 10 years. Not that I will stay in this particular office that long. But twice in the span of 3 years is enough! three times, if we extend the period to cover the last 5 years!

This is only part 1 of the process, because although we have occupied the new premises, not all the furniture are installed yet.

Gonna need a loooonngg holiday once the dust settles.....

PS:..coincidentally, my sis is also moving house this month..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My first F1


Last saturday, me,Mal,Rudy and Tong went to see the Singapore F1 GP, from the sidelines. I confess I was taking too long to think whether I should buy the ticket to the GP or not, as not many of my friends going. Anyhow, couldn't get the ticket as they are sold out.

So, we were walking around Suntec City to see if we can catch a glimpse of the track from somewhere around there. As I mentioned in my previous post, the noise that the cars made, while we were in Diana Krall's concert is really got me curious and excited to see what it's all about.
So on that qualifying night, we walk around the track to see if there are some free-view spot.

We ended up on top of a multilevel carpark, a block from Suntec, and can see 2 corners; the turn in front of the meritus mandarin and the turn to the supreme court. And it was just AWESOME!!!
Altough we can only see about 1/20th of the original car size, even from that distance you can feel the adrenalin, the heat and hear the roar of those powerful engines.
We were not the only ones on top of that car park. Even people who has tickets to the race would like to get a better (bigger) view of the street track.

Finally, just a few minutes before 10pm (the qualifying race) we moved and managed to get a spot on one of the external staircases of Marina Square that faces the coming cars from raffles boulevard.
I think one of the advantages of not having a ticket is you can pretty much walk around the circuit to see from different point of view rather than rooted to your assigned seat.Off course you'd have to search and climb to the surrounding buildings to see the track, but it was worth it.

Wanting to see from the different point of view (and also to see the parked Pagani Zonda in front of the Meritus Mandarin) we went down to the lobby of Meritus, where a lot of people also gathered to see right from the edge of the track! and it was faboulous! Up close, you can smell the rubber burning and the noise was even more deafening! and like nothing I've heard before! Luckily I already equipped myself with ear plugs.

The tricky thing after the race is getting out of the track area. With more than 50,000 people, walking is reduced to crawling at the speed of a snail. Once we reach the streets, we walk to reach mrt or bus and I ended up walking the distance from Suntec city to Sommerset MRT! If it wasn't adrenaline, I wouldn't last that far!

Still, I think we are going to get the tickets for next year F1!!


PS: I gotta say that I am impressed with the staff at Meritus Mandarin; as a lot of people whom are not guests at the hotel, passers-by like us who wanted to see the track, were walking in and out of the hotel, trampling the grass, taking pictures, use the hotel as the access between the track and the Marina Square; and the staff of the hotel are pretty much leave us be. No body harrassed us or anything. It might be because we are pretty well mannered around the hotel or maybe the hotel are just so full of people that they don't have the resources to manage the mob.

Diana Krall

Last weekend me and nadia went to see Diana Krall concert in Fort Canning Park.

There are a few unfortunate elements in play over this concert;
1. The concert was held in the same night as the F1 practice session and in open air where the demonic roar (not that I hate it) of the cars can still be heard.
If the concert was to be held in its original venue at keppel bay, the noise might not travel that far.
2. The concert started late as I think the organisers (or indeed Diana herself) wanted to maximize the break period of F1 practice session. Even so, the first 2 songs and the last 2 songs were still competing with the exhaust noise from the cars and the whup whup of the circling helicopter.
3. Diana was having a flu and the event was peppered with her cough.
4. My backside was flatten a bit due to sitting at the hard brick steps of Fort Canning Centre.
But, other than a few complaints above, I have to say that the experience was not all bad. In spite of having cold, listening to Diana's voice live was an extraordinary experience. Her voice is so smooth! my favourite combination is her voice and the piano. Amazing!

PS: my list above is shorter than somebody else's whom got published in the monday paper. However, I do feel that his feelings are justified as the complaints that he put forward are genuinely unacceptable for a world class concert.
Sorry i can't remember all of the list's items but it involves muddy track of the venue; refreshment booth that are unsatisfactory and untrained ushers on top of the things I've mentioned.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


hmm,..kali ini postnya pake indo aja deh,..

weekend kemaren, sepupu gue tunangan ama pacarnya. Mereka udah jalan selama kira2 5 tahun-an, dan kemaren itu keluarga si cowoq dateng ke singapore untuk lamaran. Pergi makan lah kita ke No Sign Board seafood di Esplanade.

Dari pihak keluarga cowoq, yg dateng bokap nyokap nya, ie-ie ama ie-chong, cici ama ci-chong + beberapa temen si Bram. Dari pihak ceweq, yg dateng, bokap nyokap novi, kuku ku-chong (bokap nyokap gue), suk-suk (adek bokap novi), gue, adek gue, kokonya novi + pacarnya, Catherine (anak suk-suk) dan anak suk-suk A-Yung, Felix.
Kebetulan emang ini malam terakhir bokap nyokap dan suk suk gue di singapore.

Sebelum makan ada acara kalung dulu, istilahnya "diiket" nopi-nya..(hehe). kebayang nggak sih di tengah2 resto rame (full house) gitu, kita pada berdiri 2 meja, maminya Bram ngalungin kalung ke novi, cipika-cipiki, terus pada foto2 keluarga. haha..rada diliatin orang2 meja sebelah sih, mana pada bule2 gitu pula.

Makanan yg dipesen bener2 banyak banget! 12 macem. Emang si bokap nya Bram doyan makan enak.
Menu: Hisit (sirip ikan hiu); chilli crab; crispy cereal crayfish, garlic steamed bamboo clam; hokkien style steamed fish; black pepper deer meat; abalone with asparagus; saute bull frog with dried chilli; garlic fried vegetable; Deep fried baby squid; steamed japanese beancurd with dice seafood and deep fried seasonal fish.
Dessert buah potong.

waalah,..begitu udah keluar 10 macem aja, gue udah kenyang,.padahal nggak makan pake nasi. Terus akhirnya yg pada nggak abis dibungkus, bawa pulang.

abis udah pada selesai makan, pada mulai ngomong2 mau lanjut kemana lagi nih. Akhirnya yg muda2 pada mau lanjut ke St.James Powerstation, sementara yg senior2 pada pulang.
Akhirnya head count yg pada ikutan ke St.James cuman dari keluarga ceweq doank, alias gue and sepupu2 gue. Dan ternyata dari 7 yg pergi (gue, novi, adi,felix, catherine,khai ling dan Imelda) cuman gue, adi sama khai ling yg pernah clubbing,sisanya novice semua! wah! ahahaha...
Memang gue, adi sama khai ling seumur, sedangkan novi,felix,catherine dan imelda lebih kecil.
Haha,...akhirnya kita joget joget bakar lemak, dan pulang jam 3.

Seru loh, soalnya pas yg ikutan pada asik2 semua..hmm,..kita ngomong2 mesti ngadain lagi nih yg kyk gini buat "Hen night" nya nopi tahun depan....hihihi...

Monday, July 28, 2008

the guy in black latex and a cape...

Not that it doesn't look good on him, contraire..Mr.Bale looks ravishing in the costume coupled with the smoker's rasp...
True, you can't see much most of the time; the shy guy keeps to the shadows; but he compensated with his muscle cars, very big motorcycle, cool gadgets and his lamborghini! (I think my heart squeeze a little when the bull smashed in a car crash)

Fashion aside, I think the movie really packs a hellofapunch..the story line is very neat, the action is not overwhelming, and it has more "moral of the story" than a simple good against evil..

And if the Joker is any indication of Heath's acting abilities, we sure have lost a great actor and I can certainly understand why they are considering awarding an Oscar post-humously. He was terrifyingly believable as the Joker.

This is one of the must watch movie of the year and a classic in the making...

Friday, July 11, 2008


well,its been a while since I last posted my ramblings, here's about another movie I recently watched with some friends.

Penelope is a young lady of 25 years old, graceful, speaks french fluently, comes from a prominent blue blood family, an only child and....has a pig snout for a nose.
It all happens because Penelope's great great great grandfather impregnate a young maid in his employ but will not stand up to marry her. The maid ended up over a cliff and the maid's mother cast a spell onto the family that the first daughter of the family will be different until "her own kind" will accept her as "one of them".
So, penelope was born with piggish features (snout, ear and tail).

Her mother keep Penelope a secret at home (never allowed anyone who is not a family to see her, or let her out of the house either) and concentrated her efforts to groom Penelope to become the perfect bride and wife to marry another blue blooded in order to lift the curse.

Christina Ricci played Penelope brilliantly and James MacAvoy was just (..let me sigh for a moment here..) to die for. James played Max Campion a.k.a Johnny, a chronic gambler, whom being paid by a reporter and one of Penelope's ex suitor, to take a picture of Penelope.

The movie skips the "where" part; it didn't says a place and also skips "when"; didn't mention the year/century/millenium it happens. Its keeping the fairy tale charm firmly in place with a mixture of reality and fantasy.
And it works. Fairy tales doesn't need to be a cartoon, or men in tights (though it certainly can't hurt, haha, just kidding...)

Monday, June 02, 2008

An Affair to Remember...

"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories,...we've already missed the spring"

Ever since Meg Ryan and Rosie O'Donnell repeat those lines in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", I've been curious about it. But not until lately, when I found the video of Josh Groban singing the theme song of the movie at Youtube and I caught myself humming a few bars when I thought of a certain someone,I got hooked.

It was really a good movie, funny, with amazing on-screen chemistry between Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I like the wittiness of Deborah Kerr and the way their conversation has an almost Shakespear-an quality in the subtle meaning and undercurrents.

Anybody who likes "Sleepless in Seattle" (like you, sis) should watch this Affair to Remember...Classic..

SATC....what else?

Well, the shoes are out of the box! these past 2 weeks movie fans are abuzz with releases after releases; Indiana Jones, Narnia - Prince Caspian, and off course the long awaited Sex and The City movie!

Ever since I heard the news that they are filming the silver screen version, I was keeping an ear to the ground for the release date; and finally yesterday I went with my girlfriends to the cinema.

To keep long story (almost 3 hrs) short, lets just say, the movie captured all about women and their relationship. Probably because it revolves around 4 characters, each with their own set of challenges, it manages to "colour a captivating image using nearly every crayon in the box" (find out about this in the movie!)

Love, hate, betrayal, fidelity, motherhood, marriage, friendship, career, fame, sex and fashion.

What I also like about the movie, is the pace. It doesn't feel hurried (compressing about one and a half year's worth of the characters' life), neither did it feel dragged on (145 minutes). I felt I just watched a whole seasons' episodes.
At the end of the movie, there is a sense of closing, but also continuity, with the girls keep on with their dinner and drinks celebrating samantha's birthday.

I think this movie will become one of a classic must watch movie......speaking of which,..please see my next blog..

Friday, April 18, 2008

you are what you eat....

If we go by that sage saying, I would be one hot and saucy chick, because I eat those 'extra crispy with secret recipe'.
Or sweet and berrylicious last week from my 7-layer pancake,nature goer from my sashimi and Threesome lover of BLT sandwich..

How about you?

Monday, April 14, 2008

My world gourmet summit

Last weekend was one of the laziest and most fullfilling (in terms of stomach content) I've had so far..

Lets start with Friday night (weekend almost always start with friday night);
well,..due to a hard day on friday (foul ups at work, etc) we decided we need alcohol, so we planned to head to Harry's (at boat quay) for some nourishing food and drinks.
unfortunately, when we arrived there, its the peak of Happy hour at Harry's and not a single chair or table or a ledge-big-enough-to-hold-a-beer-bottle is available. So with a heavy heart, we decided to go on down the river to Iguana.

In Iguana, as usual, the crowd is loud, music is in the background and not fighting with conversation, the food is good and the margarita is cold!

So, there we were, 2 girls, with a jug of raspberry margarita, fajitas and buritos. Not a half hour later, mal, novi and jovin joined us. Another round of margarita and food being served. We went home full and relaxed.

the next day, we went to watch "Definitely, maybe", the lighter-than-air romantic comedy, so light I can't even remember what's the story about...
Its like sniffing glue; cheap (the ticket price), momentarily captivating, and easily forgotten.

After the movie, me and mal went to try this new 'food bazaar' with a Japanese theme.
Basically, you went in the restaurant, and they gave you a card to record your purchases and a round 'reserved' wood disk to be placed on your table, so you can roam the restaurant freely without losing your table to other hungry birds. The resturant itself has islands and designed to immitate market stalls, so you can hop from one stall to the next and see what they are cooking.
Since i didn't have my lunch, I went a bit mad with all that food on display. They have cold selections; seasoned jelly fish, vinegared baby octopus, salads, sashimi, etc.
They also have assorted tempura, deep fried food and donburi (rice with deep fried meat in omellete);rotabayaki (grill food on stick); Omu rice (tomato ketchup fried rice topped with omelette with a side fried meat),Japanese hot pot; cold soba ;assorted ramen & udon; Japanese style spaghetti & pizza; bamboo rice;Japanese omellette; japanese dessert of red bean with mochi (I am starting to drool just by listing all these food...)
To make long story short, I ordered all my favourite food (and believe me, there are a lot), and go home as stuffed as a thanksgiving turkey.

On sunday, dawn clear and hot, I went for my massage appointment and spent 60 minutes pummeled by a minute Chinese girl no bigger than me with hot rocks. Limber and loose, I then went downstairs to their cafe, where I enjoyed 7 layer (yes, that's right; SEVEN) pancake.
The fluffy and sweet tower is slathered with honey and maple syrup, with a scattered of juicy berries (strawberries, blueberries,raspberries) and nuts (macadamia,almonds,and some I don't recognize). In between them, nutela and dried cherries (I think they were) add some volume and height.

Hungry yet?

Got some pictures, but I just can't get them uploaded just the meantime use your imagination! haha

Monday, April 07, 2008

a babe in a ranch? a gold fish in the sea?

Last weekend, I went to a colleague's place for his birthday BBQ and arrived there with birthday present in hand.

For background information, this colleague of mine is a Brit, married with 2 kids and celebrating his 45th.
So, when I arrived there, the crowd consist of really mature grown ups and really young (and tiny) people..

Not to be discourage, I decided this is a good opportunity to brush up my social skills..and to eat, off course,..
Food are good and aplenty,..seafood, roast lamb,fried rice,cheese platter with assorted fruits, potato salad, green salad etc,...
Drinks covers all the bases, from bottled water, fizzy drinks, wine, and beer.
and later I discovered, 2 sheets of brownies baking in the oven. yum..
Kids running around in their bathing suits ;or soaked shirt if the parents aren't fast enough; to/fro the pool

As the day progressed, more and more guests arrive and suddenly I realized that I was the only one who is an asian; single with no partner/children/dogs; over 21 and didn't drink alcohol (at that time).
And on top of that, I only knew the host, since no other people from the office came.

I did chat to a few of the guests, but looks like my social skills need more than brushing; I was not exactly lost, but neither was I found.

But, it was fun and I managed to make friend with Shakey; my host's labrador.

Saturday, March 01, 2008 Death


That's three cheers for Nora Roberts for the latest books that she published.
The ones that I read are "Blood Brothers" book 1; "Creation in Death" and "Strangers in Death".

On the "In Death" series (which Nora wrote under the pseudonym J.D.Robb), I was hooked ever since I read the first of the series "Naked in Death". There, she introduced us to Eve Dallas, a cop with no-nonsense-ass-kicking attitude as the tough lieutenant of the NYPSD in the year 2058.
Ever since, I've been reading the next and the next on the book list, and all I can tell you that like wine, its getting better and better.

In "Creation in Death", I experienced something new. As the story approaching climax, I had a moment where I stopped reading and simply couldn't bring my self to read the next page (for almost like 15 minutes) because I was too scared to find out what will happen to Eve!!.
You see, Eve had just encountered the psycho-lunatic-all-around-mad bad guy and she is unaware that her back up team somewhat hampered and delayed. Meanwhile, Nora had no mercy in twisting our guts with the continues stream of play-by-play.

In "Stangers in Death" that I've just finished, it once again struck me on how creatively the twist and turns of the story completely spellbind you and make you sit up and pay attention to what's next.

I have to mentioned another title which completely floored me is "Innocent in Death" and "Origin in Death". They have so much detail in them and makes the story more than just a story. To sum it, Nora always manages to suprised her reader, shock them, tickle them, make them weep, scared them good, make them laugh, give them something to think about and at the same time, teaches them values in a darn good story.

Go read it, start from the first of the series, and work your way, as the characters developed, you would enjoy your reading more if you understand the nuances and undercurrents of the story.

(Probably)Not everyone will like Nora Roberts, but that person sure isn't me!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hotel hopping...

I've just discovered a new ambition; Hotel Hopping.

Reading the book about Asian Style Hotels really gets your itchy feet itchy; and I've only got to the Indonesia part.

The thing about the hotels, they are beautifully designed, decorated, offers head-to-toe-body-and-soul-personalized-butler service. And they are expensive (offcourse).

But somehow, I can't imagine taking my parents to one of these hotels, as they are targetted to foreigners. I can just imagined the comment that will spring forth; "Its so expensive" "Its so dusun (old/backwater)" "there is nothing in here" (because most of the hotel's main commodities is privacy and tranquility)
haha...Not to say that they are not appreciative to the finer things in life, but they just have a different concept to it.

Nevertheless, I'd like to at least try each of the hotel once.....ooommmm.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

What a weekend....

Last weekend, we (me and the girls) had the most fun weekend...
We started off on friday night, with dinner at Vivo city, the four of us all dressed up and dolled up (I wore my new dress!); not so much for sel and me though. Sel because she doesn't do make up and me because I was in a hurry. I was late getting back from the office and in making up time, I didn't spend so much time in front of the mirror.

After dinner, we cross the road to St.James Power Station, where we fumble around a bit deciding which entrance to go to (since none of us ever been there)
We decided to go to "Broiler Room" and asked around. Apparently for $15, you gain free access to all of the clubs in the compound, but where you buy your ticket, that's where you can exhange it for the drink. Off course you can buy another drink in the other rooms should you wish to.
So, there we were, entrance fee at the Broiler Room, after we see the interior and get a feel for the songs played there, we moved to "Bellini" and then to "Movida" and on to "Power House". We avoided "Dragonfly" because all of us knew that that particular room is playing chinese songs and crowded with teenagers.

All the rooms are having live performance, with a slight difference in songs; "broiler room" is for pop songs; "Bellini" is more on the jazzy side; "Movida" is for world music (latin, samba,etc) and "Power House" is house music.
All in all, we decided "Movida" is more to our taste, and the crowd is the best of the lot, but as our drink stamp is from the "Broiler Room", we trotted back to the first club we enter to get our drinks. As we enjoyed the live performance and our drinks (its a really ticklish one, with a gay-blond-afro-haired performer on stage), we decided to move to "Movida" to check it out.
The live performance is going full swing and we quickly jumped to join the crowd on the over-packed dance floor to boogie-away.
Me and Sel were burning away our fat, with Astrid and Mery followed in a more sedate pace. We were having one h*** of a good time.

Feeling a bit parched, we moved to "Bellini" to search for some seats to rest our feet and get some drinks.

After the 15 mins break, we slipped back to "Movida", however we didn't stay long this time, coz Astrid, Mery and Sel had to go to the office on Saturday morning for some extra working time. Me? I slept till noon.

On Saturday noon, I was awaken by wake up call from Astrid. We decided to get a late light lunch, followed by dinner at Tony Roma's (got a discount voucher).
So, after shower etc, I met her and Sel at the library (I was picking up reserved book), off we go to Dempsey Hill . I suggested it, because it was such a nice day to be outside, and I was kinda tired of shopping malls.

When we arrive there, it was so good to be away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road ; although it only 10 mins taxi ride from Orchard. With lots of greenery and breeze, it doesn;t feel as though you are in Singapore. We agreed that it looks like Kemang area in Jakarta. Lots of expats and antique furniture shops, but also scattered here and there, cafes and wine bars.
The main thoroughfare (if you can call it that) is lined on both sides with cafes, grocery shop (definitely gonna be my favourite shop as they stocked almost all of my favourite food-stuff, they even have an air-conditioned-cheese-room with the most amazing variety of cheeses and wagyu beef on the meat section!), pubs, restaurants and activity centres for kids.
We chose to eat in one of the small cafes which serves sandwiches and next to Ben&Jerry's.
After that, we walked around the compound and found House the spa cum cafe cum yoga place. I wanted to find out about it, as I've received lots of funky and fun newsletter from the organizer. It was gonna be another one of my favourite spot, as the cafe and the spa sits at the edge of the cliff, and as far as you can see, its trees and peace and quiet.
We sit there a while to enjoy a cheese plater, some wine and juice and the view off course.

Around dinner time, we trudge back to this Korean restaurant that we've ear marked for dinner as Sel and Astrid had a craving for Korean. The three of us enjoyed a dinner of Korean bbq in an authentic setting of Korean restaurant. I have to say, the food is not as good as what I had in Jakarta, but all in all, it was allright.

With full belly, we decided to head back home. I suggested to continue on to "Hacienda", a watering hole that only open at night, to get some night cap, but Sel and Astrid had had enough.

Hhh,....what a weekend...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Year of the Rat

To all who celebrate it; Wishing you a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year; hope it will bring you good luck, good fortune and love.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

being environment concious is hard on the image..

As I was sorting through the used paper in the paper bin to reuse, suddenly an image flashed in my mind of the bag lady that yesterday morning I saw in front of my office entrance, sorting through the office waste bin for recyclables.

At another time, I was cutting used A3 papers (the ones with clean sheet on the other side) to be reused as A4 printing paper for my printer, and my colleague remarked that, when he worked in India, there will be a person with a task specifically to rub off the pencil marks on tracing papers, for the papers to be reused!

Oh dear!....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Where's my coffee prince....

I just finished watching the Korean drama miniseries, titled "Coffee Prince"; it tells the story of a girl, desperate for work, disguise herself as a boy. Along the way, she falls for her boss, and let it be known that she likes him. But off course, the boss is straight and while he might be amused (and slightly wary) at first to be the object of affection of his staff, in the end, he too feels the same way (even not yet understood that actually he is a she).

Well, as it is a sort of "chick flick", in the end, they live happily ever after. But along the way, its a funny production, full of laughter, innocence and some heart wrenching moments. They didn't exactly paint a rosy glow to the whole movie, but it definitely written by someone with a fuschia tinted glasses.
I am sure 95% of the girls after watching this series will emit a sigh followed with a question "wouldn't it be nice to be able to love and be loved like that?" hhmm....

But after a while, we will put that question on the shelve and get back to dealing with the males of our reality life. As my sister by marriage (and my numerous friend, families, aunties,uncles) once put it "the prefect man that you wish for doesn't exist" or a variation of those sentence. (I am pretty sure if you are an asian girl, born and bred in the asian country, over the age of 23 with no steady boyfriend at your side, you'll have heard this from your relatives at least once every year).
Which I will counter by saying "he doesn't have to be perfect for everyone, just me" but the answer to that statement remains the same. "He doesn't exist".

Oh well...back to my beloved chick flick then...

And on to,.....what will I be doing this valentine's day?...hmm...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned"

The complete Quote from Congreve "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/ Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned" seemed apt for the current condition afflicted my colleague.

He is in the middle of a tiger and mouse chase with a woman whom I assumed his very girlfriend.

Now for the sake of clarification, I have to mentioned firstly that I have not the faintest idea of what is the root of the problem which causes this girl to develop such a case of twisted knickers.
But, I do know that she has left a half dozen slanderous messages, in our office answering machine no less, where the contents are not suitable for this blog!

This is the first time I encountered such an occasion and truth be told, I am stupendous that my colleague and this girl behaving in such a way.

Later in the day after the voicemail incident, the girl kept on calling to the office and I lied. Yes, my colleague has asked me to lie of his whereabouts to this girl. I have no compunction whatsoever to carry out the favor as by that time, I had no respect for someone who has no manners, personal and professionally, to leave such messages in my office voicemail.

She apparently soldier on, by arriving at our office doorstep and requested to use the office phone to call my colleague. I was dumbfounded, that she is desperate enough (and creative enough) to ask. My colleague couldn't take it anymore, and he requested police assistance to our office. The arrival of the officers drove her away, but phone calls kept pouring in. My colleague dared not answer the phone, and after lunch he went on to the Court to file a restraining order against her. Unfortunately, there are no law against stalker as yet and there is nothing the law enforcement can do.

In the end, my colleague had to stay at his relative's house and dared not return to his parents' because she was there too after office hours.

Today is the 2nd day of the saga, and again I lied to her. I do not regret it at all, because if I had said that my colleague is in the office, she would come in with both guns drawn heedless of the audience and the sanctity of our office hours. I have an obligation to keep my office running smoothly, so I feel no guilt whatsoever to this unknown seed of troublemaker.

However, if in the end, the truth is out of the problem and my colleague is the troublemaker, I will skewer him alive myself and have him roasted over slow fire!