Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Horror...

There is a new horror short movie in town!

I was watching the telly last night when suddenly they show this pack of cigarettes with its picture and health warning. The picture is showing the mouth cancer.
But the mouth suddenly move to narate the dangerous of smoking and what it can cause you.
I was shocked!! not a horror movie fan, for me that can be classified as a horror clip! Even I who don't smoke feel the chill, I can't imagine what impact it will make to the them who puff a packet a day.
The ugly mouth that usually just "silently" warning you now has found its voice!!!!
It might be, in the not so far future, with the help of technology, even the ciggy pack it self will be like an Mp4, so whenever you open the pack the ugly mouth will start its naration.

I think I will look at starting a business of producing chic and masculine ciggy,....

Is this clip just playing in singapore or in other countries too, I wonder?

Monday, March 19, 2007

definition of food

Yesterday night, my cousin came back home after a week holiday abroad. He "requested" his sister and( consequently) me to come down to the parking lot and help him carry some bags that he brought with him.

After I asked why is it necessary that we came down to carry 1 bag each (he carried his laptop bag, his sis carried his travel bag, and me end up with the laundry bag!) he aswered that he brought back some food.

While I thought of some local delights or frozen steaks, apparently "food" according to me and my cousin is completely different because what he brought back are 3 packets of fish floss and 2 bottles of mineral water!!

I shudder to think what he will feed his kids (when he has them)......

Monday, March 12, 2007

movies, movies and movies

The last few weeks I saw some really amazing works at the cinema.

We'll start with "The Pursuit of Happyness": Based on a true story of a salesman (by Will Smith) who against all odds manage to achieve what he wants through sheer determination.
But at the same time, he managed to keep his feet on the straight and narrow path, even when faced with being robbed, no home, left by his wife, caring for his son, entertaining him, to be on the same level as his peers by not causing pity and lending money when he himself is short of.
I really like the story on this one, because many times as I watched the movie, I am tempted to say "Give it up, choose one of the easy path" but he kept on going and succeed.

Next is Ms.Nia Dinata's "Berbagi Suami" (a.k.a "Love for share") ; what I enjoy about this movie is there is no judgement passed, no critics, no prejudiced. It simply tells a story (or rather 3 stories) of women who must (by situation or choice) share their husband with other women.
You know that feeling when you came out of the cinema feeling "happy" or "sad" or "angry" because of the story? I came out of the cinema not with those feelings crowding me but felt simply "entertained".

Now, the "History Boys" is highly recommended by one of my colleague. So, feeling somewhat curious, I went on the first opportunity.
The "History Boys" apparently showing for the first time as a play, not as a movie, it won quite a few awards.
Most of the conversations revolve around the history of europe and since there are no such subject during my schooling years, I have really no idea half of what they are spouting about. But, by no means it makes a boring movie, since you can read the expression each of the characters potray, their passion and their antics.

We'll end this round with "Music and Lyric"; I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of the movie. It simply shouted "The other version of Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks romatic comedy". Although I love "You've got mail" (especially the score), I really put this off until there are no better choices around (I am SO not going to watch "300"!!). Finally, went with my buddy on Sunday night and its pretty good. Quite a painfull beginning with the music video clip of Hugh Grant in tight white pants, but the rest of the movie is fun. Off course, catchy score, witty banter between the two makes the movie very entertaining but this should be the last movie for Hugh in similar character unless the character comes with a grandchild or two (Sorry Hugh). I still prefer Richard (Gere) for my "charming rogue turned devoted boyfriend".

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rumble in the "Bukit"

Last night before dawn break, a couple of feminine voices broke the silence of my neighborhood.

It is a very rare occurance indeed for me being woken up from a deep sleep, coz i usually slept like the dead, especially when I am really tired.
But, since my room is not on high floors, their angry voices got carried up and pierce my windows and ear drums, thus awaken me for the length of their "conversation".

" ^$#^((()*^%#$@!rrgt&&**(()^^$#^%&"
"^&$^*&(#$^$%&))(__*()&*&*!!!!!urhga;roi^*^%^*(%#@! %&^&(&*^^hgklfei&!!!!!!"

I don't understand what their shouting about, and I am not curious enough to open the curtain and tell them to put a lid on it. But one of my neighbours got irritated enough to act.
A few other voices started, also loud enough to get to my hearing, but either they are still groggy or they do not want to add to the argument, they only utter a furious "SSHHHHHhhhhh"!!!

Well,obviously the angry parties could not be bothered with such half attempt, they countinue to rail each other on top of their lungs, and the worst part is when they are under the building, their voices actually echo!

For your information, the scene is at a Singaporean HDB complex.

Not long after that, the voices trail away, and its peace and quiet once again but I couldn't get back to my precious deep sleep until the alarm rang.