Friday, January 30, 2009

to the the dentist

Last weekend, I finally decided to go to the dentist to have my teeth examined. Been having problems of food stuck to various spots between the teeth and also it is about time to do some scaling and polishing.

I have alwasy hated going to the dentist since one of my tooth got pulled out due to ill-placed growth, but mostly I dreaded the visit because they have nasty equipments that emits high pitched skin-crawling-nerve-wrecking sound that have to be operated inside your mouth!

However, I convinced myself that I am an adult and more mature and should be able to bear this. So, I made the necessary appointments.

On the day, I went in to the Doc's chamber with my empty stomach (since I don't intend to insult the doc with my breakfast bits) tied in 100 knots. The Doctor was Korean, very kind; almost fatherly; still in his 30s (I think).
But when he asked when was my last examination, if I floss, etc etc; I was feeling like I'm in one of those room with a two-way mirror. After that, the Doc asked me to get in the Xray room to take a pic of my teeth.
Turns out, the cause of that food stuck is because my wisdom teeth are not nicely developed. The good doc's advice is to remove all of my wisdom teeth! All! That's like 3 tooth!Dang!

I was quite shocked, to be honest! But I guess its necessary.
So,...let's see what's next...