Saturday, March 01, 2008 Death


That's three cheers for Nora Roberts for the latest books that she published.
The ones that I read are "Blood Brothers" book 1; "Creation in Death" and "Strangers in Death".

On the "In Death" series (which Nora wrote under the pseudonym J.D.Robb), I was hooked ever since I read the first of the series "Naked in Death". There, she introduced us to Eve Dallas, a cop with no-nonsense-ass-kicking attitude as the tough lieutenant of the NYPSD in the year 2058.
Ever since, I've been reading the next and the next on the book list, and all I can tell you that like wine, its getting better and better.

In "Creation in Death", I experienced something new. As the story approaching climax, I had a moment where I stopped reading and simply couldn't bring my self to read the next page (for almost like 15 minutes) because I was too scared to find out what will happen to Eve!!.
You see, Eve had just encountered the psycho-lunatic-all-around-mad bad guy and she is unaware that her back up team somewhat hampered and delayed. Meanwhile, Nora had no mercy in twisting our guts with the continues stream of play-by-play.

In "Stangers in Death" that I've just finished, it once again struck me on how creatively the twist and turns of the story completely spellbind you and make you sit up and pay attention to what's next.

I have to mentioned another title which completely floored me is "Innocent in Death" and "Origin in Death". They have so much detail in them and makes the story more than just a story. To sum it, Nora always manages to suprised her reader, shock them, tickle them, make them weep, scared them good, make them laugh, give them something to think about and at the same time, teaches them values in a darn good story.

Go read it, start from the first of the series, and work your way, as the characters developed, you would enjoy your reading more if you understand the nuances and undercurrents of the story.

(Probably)Not everyone will like Nora Roberts, but that person sure isn't me!