Friday, September 21, 2007

The Magic Flute

Last week, me and Sel went to the cinema to catch "The Magic Flute" a production of the Met Opera.

This was a recorded session of one of the live performance in the opera house and being distributed in movie format, which is a brilliant idea. It brings opera to the masses.

The Magic Flute tells the story of the fight between day and night, good and evil, and love triumph.

We really enjoyed it so much; the stage set was amazing, the costume designs fit for the tales, and what really knock our socks off were the voices of the casts!! They are just brilliant!!

Clarkson's book

Do you remember in previous blog, I mentioned that Marcus got a book of Jeremy Clarkson? He managed to read a quarter of the book, before he pass it to me and said " I feel my IQ is decreasing after reading that book".

Which is probably true...

Anyway, after reading halfway, I realize it is like that strip collection of Garfield; sarcastic, amusing,exasperating at times, and should be taken in small doses. Too much of that orangey fat cat in 1 sitting and I will fall asleep...
Not that the articles are not good, they are Clarkson through and through, but the tone of the articles are generally complaints, so after 15 of them, you start to feel your eye lashes weigh a ton each!.....

But, all in all, I think I will get a tome in supply, for my "fat cat" fix.....

PS: I wonder what Clarkson would write about Singapore if he happens to live in the country........(hm,mindboggling indeed)......

Friday, September 07, 2007

cars, cars and cars..

Marcus, my colleague, introduce me to Top Gear, through Youtube, and I am hooked ever since. Who could have guessed that I like fast moving cars! never own either a fast or a slow one myself; and now I am watching episode after episode of Bugatti Veyron (sigh), Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes SLR McLarren, BMW Z4 (my dream car still), Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 430, the Atom, and dozens of other cars that make me absolutely drool....

The wonderful thing about the show is instead of hosted by a bulky hunk or a slick sales-man type guy, its hosted by 2 grumpy old man and their "grandson". I am off course refering to Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, the trio that keeps bantering and bickering among themselves and providing us with such entertainment.
Not everyone might agree to Jeremy's "insults" of the americans, the Malaysia's perodua Kelisa, or any other cars that he destroys, but we had a good laugh over his antics.

The other hilarious thing that made me glued to my computer screen is their "mucking about" activities, such as assembling a home made human carrier convertible, modificating an amphibious vehichle, stretch limos (I still can't believe James made that 2 headed limo) and other challenges such as the tractor race (which one is the slowest!), cheap van competition, Jeremy racing around nurburgring, etc.
(As I am writing this, all of the challenges are posted in Youtube)

Marcus is reading up a book "the world according to Clarkson" and I think I am going to borrow for a peek after he is done, must be full of Clarkson's complaints as usual....hahahhaa.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Last week, I went with Mery to the cinema, to watch the Disney-Pixar new animation movie about a rat who can cook michelin star food.

But before I continue with my story, let me first apoligize to the guy sitting at D17 (The Cathay, 30th August, 7pm show), I don't know who you are, but I am sorry to have stepped on your feet (both of them) on the way to my seat. It was dark,...and he was a bit "loungy".....but sincerest apology.

Right then,...Rattatouile is telling the story of Remy, a suburb rat, arriving in beautiful Paris alone, since he was separated with his family and friends. Remy has a highly developed sense of smell, taste and a bit snob (well, what do you expect, he is french) about food. Unlike other rats, he does not jump into the pile of rubbish eating everything that he can chew.

After a disaster where they have to leave their home, Remy got separated and arrive in Paris alone and in Chef Gusteau's restaurant, Remy's idol chef.
By accident, Remy met Linguini ;all-thumbs-two-left-legs kitchen boy; and safe him (how? you'll have to watch the movie). They became partners in cooking, with Remy pulling linguini's hair like a marionette.
The restaurant once again rose to fame, with Remy cooking up new recipes.

And, what is a movie without the bad guys? Chef Skinner is making money by using the Gusteau's name for a line of frozen food, but when he found out that Linguini is actually Gusteau's biological child, he panicked cause it means that he will lose the restaurant to Linguini.

After Linguini admitted to his kitchen team that it was Remy whose been cooking all those food, they left him alone with a dining room full of patrons. But with Remy, his rat friends and Collette come to the rescue, they manage to feed everyone and satisfied Ego, the food critic.

There are a lot of hilarious scenes during this movie, and its quite refreshing comedy...the girl sitting 2 seats away really got excited when Skinner chased Remy.....she squealed so loud by herself!

We really enjoyed it !!