Monday, November 19, 2007

what motivates you?

I have to say, there is nothing like a gorgeous dress to motivate a girl to re-start the rigorous tummy-flattening-ass-tightening exercises.
You just have to buy a new dress every month or week in the same size (or smaller) to make sure that your body does not hiding extra chips or cream cheese near the region of your backside.

Just like last week; I was walking around the mall waiting for my friend to arrive to have dinner together and just happened to browse this shop. I wasn't intending to buy anything (no wedding invitation or party in plan) but, this dress just caught my eyes and next thing I know, I was queueing for the fitting room.

I am not going to describe much abt the dress as the whole impact is good only if I'm in it; suffice to say that it's a body-hugging-skin-exposing kinda dress....hehhehehe

It took another 2 trips to the shop; once with my girlfriends to cast our vote and 2nd after 2hrs 'thinking time' over dinner and deliberate with the ladies.

Regret to say I did bought that dress against a rather pasionate objection from my dear sis; sorry sis, if you see the dress, you'll understand why I was compelled to buy it....heheheh

Monday, October 08, 2007

Baby S

Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to welcome Baby S; my second nephew; born at Bunda Hospital with ten fingers and ten toes (and everything in between). Baby S also being welcome by both sets grandpa and grandma, parents, older sis and bro, uncles, aunties and cousins.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Magic Flute

Last week, me and Sel went to the cinema to catch "The Magic Flute" a production of the Met Opera.

This was a recorded session of one of the live performance in the opera house and being distributed in movie format, which is a brilliant idea. It brings opera to the masses.

The Magic Flute tells the story of the fight between day and night, good and evil, and love triumph.

We really enjoyed it so much; the stage set was amazing, the costume designs fit for the tales, and what really knock our socks off were the voices of the casts!! They are just brilliant!!

Clarkson's book

Do you remember in previous blog, I mentioned that Marcus got a book of Jeremy Clarkson? He managed to read a quarter of the book, before he pass it to me and said " I feel my IQ is decreasing after reading that book".

Which is probably true...

Anyway, after reading halfway, I realize it is like that strip collection of Garfield; sarcastic, amusing,exasperating at times, and should be taken in small doses. Too much of that orangey fat cat in 1 sitting and I will fall asleep...
Not that the articles are not good, they are Clarkson through and through, but the tone of the articles are generally complaints, so after 15 of them, you start to feel your eye lashes weigh a ton each!.....

But, all in all, I think I will get a tome in supply, for my "fat cat" fix.....

PS: I wonder what Clarkson would write about Singapore if he happens to live in the country........(hm,mindboggling indeed)......

Friday, September 07, 2007

cars, cars and cars..

Marcus, my colleague, introduce me to Top Gear, through Youtube, and I am hooked ever since. Who could have guessed that I like fast moving cars! never own either a fast or a slow one myself; and now I am watching episode after episode of Bugatti Veyron (sigh), Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes SLR McLarren, BMW Z4 (my dream car still), Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 430, the Atom, and dozens of other cars that make me absolutely drool....

The wonderful thing about the show is instead of hosted by a bulky hunk or a slick sales-man type guy, its hosted by 2 grumpy old man and their "grandson". I am off course refering to Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, the trio that keeps bantering and bickering among themselves and providing us with such entertainment.
Not everyone might agree to Jeremy's "insults" of the americans, the Malaysia's perodua Kelisa, or any other cars that he destroys, but we had a good laugh over his antics.

The other hilarious thing that made me glued to my computer screen is their "mucking about" activities, such as assembling a home made human carrier convertible, modificating an amphibious vehichle, stretch limos (I still can't believe James made that 2 headed limo) and other challenges such as the tractor race (which one is the slowest!), cheap van competition, Jeremy racing around nurburgring, etc.
(As I am writing this, all of the challenges are posted in Youtube)

Marcus is reading up a book "the world according to Clarkson" and I think I am going to borrow for a peek after he is done, must be full of Clarkson's complaints as usual....hahahhaa.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Last week, I went with Mery to the cinema, to watch the Disney-Pixar new animation movie about a rat who can cook michelin star food.

But before I continue with my story, let me first apoligize to the guy sitting at D17 (The Cathay, 30th August, 7pm show), I don't know who you are, but I am sorry to have stepped on your feet (both of them) on the way to my seat. It was dark,...and he was a bit "loungy".....but sincerest apology.

Right then,...Rattatouile is telling the story of Remy, a suburb rat, arriving in beautiful Paris alone, since he was separated with his family and friends. Remy has a highly developed sense of smell, taste and a bit snob (well, what do you expect, he is french) about food. Unlike other rats, he does not jump into the pile of rubbish eating everything that he can chew.

After a disaster where they have to leave their home, Remy got separated and arrive in Paris alone and in Chef Gusteau's restaurant, Remy's idol chef.
By accident, Remy met Linguini ;all-thumbs-two-left-legs kitchen boy; and safe him (how? you'll have to watch the movie). They became partners in cooking, with Remy pulling linguini's hair like a marionette.
The restaurant once again rose to fame, with Remy cooking up new recipes.

And, what is a movie without the bad guys? Chef Skinner is making money by using the Gusteau's name for a line of frozen food, but when he found out that Linguini is actually Gusteau's biological child, he panicked cause it means that he will lose the restaurant to Linguini.

After Linguini admitted to his kitchen team that it was Remy whose been cooking all those food, they left him alone with a dining room full of patrons. But with Remy, his rat friends and Collette come to the rescue, they manage to feed everyone and satisfied Ego, the food critic.

There are a lot of hilarious scenes during this movie, and its quite refreshing comedy...the girl sitting 2 seats away really got excited when Skinner chased Remy.....she squealed so loud by herself!

We really enjoyed it !!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to school Armor

If you turn to page 9 in copy of TIME magazine of August 27,2007; you'll find a smallish article titled "Back to School Armor". For the benefit of those who do not have a copy handy, let me quote as below:

Back-to-School Armor
BACKPACK BULWARK A Knapsack lined with a lightweight, bulletproof plate that students can use as a shield to protect against gunfire or knife blades.

SAFETY FIRST Two Boston fathers were motivated by the shootings at Columbine High School to create the $175 knapsack, called My Child's Pack, which went on sale Aug.8 online and at local store

UP TO CODE? The bulletproof plate has passed the National Institute of Justice's safety test. But Boston public schools have yet to decide whether the backpacks could be perceived as "threatening or offensive" under their dress code. If so, they will not be allowed on school grounds.

I have a couple of niece and nephew and another one on the way, and the news just struck a chord.
At one side, it is a good thing, instead of being an aggresive (like equipping your children with knife or firearm) you are equipping your children so they are not completely vulnerable either.
But it just makes me sad, that the world has reached a stage where its a hair width apart from returning to martial law...

On the other hand, I wonder if they will collaborate with, lets say,....crumpler? or kipling? to make the plate lined bag with style.... (the picture supplied at the magazine is strictly for boys)...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy commuter

This morning, as I catch the bus that will take me office, I have 2 seats for myself!! This is a red letter day!! Usually I will have to wake up early to be able to get a seat on the bus, but today, I was late but I got the 2 adjoining seats to myself...

I am a happy commuter, indeed........

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Simpsons


(Like in the words of Jeremy Clarkson,"Wait, I'm not done yet")..


Watched the movie last night, and it was so a "Simpsons" course...

The movie is different from the others as they creatively design the intro and ending of the film as part of the movie, which are loadsa fun!


The story tells about Lisa Simpson brow beating the people of springfield to take action in saving their lake, which is getting more and more polluted by the minute. But after everyone get their act together, one dump from Homer is all it takes to make the lake water as dangerous as a twoheaded rattlesnake. After being discovered by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the town is sealed with a giant glass dome, to prevent the pollution from spreading to other towns. This spark the anger of the town folks.
In a desparate flight to safety, they manage to escape to the outer side of the dome and heading to Alaska.

But, when the government disclosed the plan to destroy and wipe the entire town of Springfield, the Simpsons family went back to help safe their town.

Along the way, Lisa met an Irish boy who make her weak in the knees and sweaty palms, Bart experiencing some "normal" boy longings for a "normal" father (now I know how to make a perfectly smashing cup of cocoa; the Flanders way), Maggie turn out to be the tiny "hero" of the family, Homer got himself a "spiderpig" and Marge shows how much she loves Homer despite everything he ever did to the family and himself.

Good Fun!!!...I might just watch it again.............................hahaha

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By now, you guys would have finished the last installment of Harry Potter so I think its safe to discuss it in details, unlike some people who spoiled the good fun

I have to say, although there are reviews abound in the net as well as print a few hours after the book being released regarding how the story ends, I managed to resist jumping straight to the last chapter to find out. In my opinion, the suspense, the thrill and the adventure of the entire story of Harry and his friends will be pointless if you know first hand that he will live or die. And I am so glad I persevered, because it makes the end sweeter and has more meaning.

Its too complicated to discuss in one blog (or even several blogs), but all I can say is, all the "loose ends" of harry potter's story since the first book came up seems to tie up nicely and somehow logically (like the bit about why Draco's wand in Harry's possession more powerful than Voldermort's Elder wand) . Others might be a bit dissapointed in a part or two of Harry Potter and how the story ends, but not this author. I was totally engrossed by the book and I was driven by curiosity and suspense as I go through page by page actions.

I like the complexity of the story, which means that JK Rowling does not underestimate the capability of children's (and young adults') imagination by simplifying the story; and no matter what others said, they are all linked together.

For adults who find the story somewhat not to their satisfaction, just keep in mind that this book falls under young adults category. Like I said to a colleague the other day "its like believing in Santa Claus....."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Its out! its out!...the 5th year of Harry Potter and his loyal friends at Hogwarts on the silverscreen!..

This author and her friends managed to catch one of the sneak preview shows at the local cinema, and it was fab!
Predictably, all cinemas across the country were showing the movie and almost all halls were sold out since advance sales for the tickets starts a week before the movie official release date!
(you are free to guess when we bought the tickets!)

The movie started with the suspense of Harry and Dudley encountering the Dementors which forces Harry to deploy his own Patronus.
But, what he got for saving that overgrown cousin of his?? a letter from the ministry of magic expelling him!
Fortunately, sometime later Moody, Tonks, Shacklebolt, Doge and Jones arrive at 4 privet drive to escort Harry to grimmauld place, the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters and Black's family home.

And then........You have to watch the movies to find out what happens next...or read the book


But for those who have watched the movies, I just want to share that it was a brilliant movie, especially love the left-and-right-curses-swinging battle between the member of the Order of the Phoenix and the DeathEaters....EXPELLIARMUS!! PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!!AVADA KEVADRA!! (similar to Star trek light-sabber fight but much much more exciting!!)
The sad part off course when the last curse hit Sirius Black and killing him.

Can't wait to get my hands on the final book!!

NB: A friend gave me my own wand to practice my spells!!! Thanks Mal !!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Action! Action! Action!

Watched a couple of movie during the week with one of my movie pal, and we saw Transformers and Die Hard

Transformers tells the story of aliens in the form of robots who's having war in their planet and their fight got extended to Earth. All Autobots (and decepticons) can transform to whatever piece of machinery and posess a high degree of intelligence.
On general, the movie is pretty good with superior effect and lots of action, but lack intellegence. I hate to say it, but if I am 8 yrs old and still playing "Cowboys and Indians" with my cousin, I will enjoy this movie tremendously! As it was, after the first half of the movie, I was bored.
After all the good guys and the bad guys make themselves "known", there is not much surprise anymore besides the action, which are sometimes too fast for our eyes to see. One second Megatron is scuffling with Optimus Prime, the next, Megatron lying on the road with his chest melted. If you are not fast enough to see that Sam (Witwicky) is not holding the cube anymore and reasoned that instead of Optimus Prime sacrificing his chest to swallow the cube, Sam pushed it in to Megatron's, you might not know how he died.

There are a few bone of contentment in that movie for me:
1. Why all the good guys only transformed as cars!?!? the bad guys got a tank, a fighter jet and a chopper! about lack of ammo.
2. At the end of the movie, all the carcasses of the bad guys got dumped in the middle of the ocean! Nice going guys; teach the kids to throw rubbish or any unwanted toys irresponsibly. Yeah, the narator said that they are being frozen in the deepest of the ocean bla bla bla, but hey, nothing shown! This is a visual movie right?!

To be fair tough, I did have a few giddy moments when one by one the robots transformed or when they are in action, they are pretty cool!

The next day, we watched Die Hard 4. Now this movie also have non stop action after the 1st hr. The story is about Detective John McClanne (Bruce Willis) who had an assignment to pick up a hacker for questioning at FBI. What supposed to be a rookie job, turns out bad, because the hacker is on somebody's elimination list.
Apparently there are bad guys hacking into the US government systems to do some "virtual terrorism" by controlling all the systems and networks in the country, and that lucky Matt (the hacker on elimination list) is a loose end.

I watched Die Hard from the 1st movie, what interest me is the lucky sonofaMcClanne with his dry humor, sarcasm and wit. But in this 4th picture, there is a double dose of dry humor plus guts in the form of John's grown up daughter. SPOILERS!! I really like Lucy's answer when she is being held hostage to speak to John "And now there are 5 of them"

Monday, July 02, 2007

A new baby girl.....

We are proudly announcing the arrival of Baby G, first daughter of Mr. and Mrs.E. 
Both mother and daughter reportedly healthy and well.
Welcome to the world little one!

Friday, June 29, 2007

hot hot fuuuzzzzz......

Outrageously funny!!! I laugh all through the movie and after!

"Hot Fuzz" tells the story of police officer (policeman is apparently a sexist remark) sergeant Nicholas "Angle" Angel, played by Simon Pegg, who got "transferred" to Sandford due to some jealous colleagues "You are so good, you make the rest of us look bad" said the Chief of Police. When sergeant Angel arrive at his new post, he paired up with Danny Butterman (Nick Frost).

All is well in sleepy Sandford where the latest crimes are runaway swan or clipping your neighbour hedges and the only high speed chase happened between the sergeant and a shoplifter.
However, things started to get interesting when people started dying by various "accidents" (which a police officer shouldn't mentioned since it implied no one is to blame).

What makes the whole movie is highly entertaining is the way they imitate the "action packed-adrenaline high" style of hollywood action movie and twisted it in British (satire) style.
The result is out of this world!
If I am a certified movie critics, I would give "Hot Fuzz" five popcorn out of five!! yohoo!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I am in pain....

Last saturday I went to a dance studio near the office for a street jazz session, I've always pass by in front of the studio every to and from work. It so happens that I wanted to see ifI can still bend my back like I did during my teen and shake up my congaled blood for not exercising for 7 years. It was a bad idea.

Went there on time, paid the one-off fee, changed my street clothes and in to the freezing cold studio! It was raining outside the whole day and the tiny studio is equipped with industrial strengh blower!
Anyway, the instructor came (she couldn't be old enough to drive, I was thinking), but she can definitely dance.

After 15 minutes into the warm up session, I was starting to forget about the cold, as my muscles being stretched from one end to another. The movements are familiar, so I could concentrate on my pilates breathing.
The hour passed by uneventfully, worked out a good sweat and feeling re-freshed, if not a bit battered.

However, judgement hour didn't come until the next morning, when I realize upon waking, that my muscles protested loudly over the hard work they have to endure the previous day. They were ( are! ) taut and I have to moved about quite slowly like a little old lady. Even to prop up my legs on the coffee table needs studious care....(ugh)

I've learned a lesson with this "experiment",....I have to admit that I am too old, to do an exercise led by not-yet-20-girls who still have wax for their muscles; must find a class that cater to above 25's who hasn't run in more than 5 years unless to catch the bus.

Sad, 'in't it?!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

North and South (2)

I've finished reading my 1st classic book. "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell!
Proud to say, this is the first classic that I read front to back and every page in between.

Previously, I tried to read "War and Peace" and "Persuasion"...but still couldn't finish either books.

Since the style of writing is pretty much different with current literature / fiction, I couldn't read as fast as I usually do in modern fiction, because the language is not something that I am familiar with (old english), there are quotes and lines from other classic works, so you've got to read slowly to understand the subtle sarcasm or the implied meaning or reference to the culture and trend.

All in all, I enjoyed it immensely! The story enfold slowly, with details that paint a complete picture of the background of the story, why certain things are the way they are, and it gave me a better understanding of each characters; the introduction and the glossary provides further explanatory notes which really great and helpful.

Friday, June 08, 2007

North and South

I'm in love....

Got the "North and South" BBC drama dvd yesterday, and after work, I head straight home to watch it.

The story line is similar to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", but while Mr.Darcy is the "aristocrat" type, Mr.Thornton is the "tall,dark,handsome,dangerous,moody" type; really somber, but his expression of concern and affection can be read through his gestures and facial expressions; definitely two thumbs up for Richard Armitage.
The heroine,Miss Hale (Daniela Denby Ashe), is the "wholesome and sensible" type, similar to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, also played a superb role in being the independent mature miss in the middle of the British industrial revolution.

Even though I have seen some videos uploaded by the die hard fans of N&S in, but I really do not regret at all purchasing the movie.

I haven't read the book yet; but I suspect I will like it too.

Recommendations to anyone who enjoyed "Pride and Prejudice", you'll love "North and South" too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

dinner -sigh-

As I left the office at 8 pm, I stopped by at the supermarket in the neighbourhood to pick up a few stuff. Initially, I wanted to get only some garlic, tomatoes, and sardines to make spaghetti, but changed my mind, and saw they got a pretty decent sea bass on individual wrap.

I decided to make sea bass in a bag instead, and picked up white wine, lemons and potatoes.

Before taking the bus back home, I need to make another detour to the library to drop the audio book I've been listening to (The Girl with the Pearl Earrings; pretty good), so by the time I reached home, I am all but ready to drop at the sofa and forget about food.
However, I continued to the kitchen to take out the ingredients out of the plastic bags and start preparing dinner.

Once I set out everything, cut the lemons, pick all the basil leaf from the potted plant,etc, I just realized that the fish is yet to be scaled and gutted! The fishmonger at the supermarket didn;t remove anything, just slap the fish on the styrofoam plate and cover it with cling wrap. I honestly thought that I just have to wipe it clean and cook it! Drat

Well, I didn;t see any other choice, so borrowing the energy of a marathoner at the last 100m, I attacked that fish, scraped the scales, flip the fish this way and that, to clean the cavity, and after a few agonizing minutes (and changing my knife to a cleaver) my fish is clean and ready!
I have to say I am proud of myself, since this is my first attempt to clean a fish from scratch and I did quite a good job. I knew reading those cooking books will come in handy.

Finally, when I done with the cooking, eating, cleaning and setting the kitchen to rights, it was 12 midnight and I haven't even bathe. Yuck. I'll definitely considered take out tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The wind that shakes the barley

This is one of those movies that grips at your heart.

I heard the review on a local radio regarding the movie and pique my curiosity, partly because its background of the IRA movement and I wanted to know whats the "Irish lilt" that everybody is saying when they tried to describe a way of speech.

The movie was really interesting and heart wrenching at the end; its sort of potrayed what the Irish people going through. There is nothing more tragic than brothers at opposite sides, and those who supposed to protect end up abusing the people they are protecting.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Quarter life crisis

According to the Wikipedia ; "The 'quarterlife crisis' (QLC) is a term applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from ages 21 - 29"

Honestly, I never heard of the term before, but while reading the paper a few days ago, there is an article written by a "just-turned-25" author, and I must say it struck a chord with me. I didn;t realize that they have a name for it though.

Its true that most of life important decisions are (were) made as we reach 21. Where to have your "turning-21" party, who to invite, what dress to wear, what hair colour for highlight etc..etc....Kidding..although they are quite important you know..

I did start making those important decisions then too, first relationship (I was a late bloomer), first 11,720km stay from home (at Uni) and other "firsts".....;p (no drugs, mom)
And after graduation, I start making more important desicion, like moving out of home country to work, opening my retirement account, what is the best investment vehicle for my money,...
For some of my friends, they involve getting married and decide to have a baby or two....or starting their own business...scary indeed.

Looking back, I can see why its called "crisis", its definitely life defining, what you decide now will eventually effect your whole life,no more making a choice between red lollipop and spun sugar...this is the beginning of our adulthood, and we want to start it the best way we can; no more blaming someone else for the failure.

According to the experts, what makes quarter life crisis much harder than midlife crisis is the absence of financial means. But, that is part of life process, and we just have to tough it up, right mate?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

row row row your boat.....

Last easter weekend, me and my friend went to a reservoir in our city to paddle around in a kayak and burn some fat (at least I hoped I burned some).....

This is my first attempt at kayaking, but my friend's second venture; so after changing into appropriate attire, donning the life jackets and slather some sunblock, we heft the 2 seater canoe and off we glide to the calm water.

It was really a beautiful day for kayaking, bright, breezy and dry. On the grounds, there are a lot of students involved in their schools' kayak club having their time on the water.
The water was divided into 3 areas according to their use, the straight roped section for racing, the surrounding areas (of the race section) for experienced paddlers, an inlet (where the water is calmest) for the novice. The water at the inlet is not really deep as we can see almost to the bottom.

We spent an hour on the water, paddle when we like, steering and avoiding other kayaks, and resting and let the canoe glide on the water when our arms sing or just to enjoy the breeze and the greenery.

Its certainly a different experience from going-to-the-malls-only back home.

After that, we went for a dim sum lunch, and I went to the spa for my scrub and sports massage.

I love my holiday.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Horror...

There is a new horror short movie in town!

I was watching the telly last night when suddenly they show this pack of cigarettes with its picture and health warning. The picture is showing the mouth cancer.
But the mouth suddenly move to narate the dangerous of smoking and what it can cause you.
I was shocked!! not a horror movie fan, for me that can be classified as a horror clip! Even I who don't smoke feel the chill, I can't imagine what impact it will make to the them who puff a packet a day.
The ugly mouth that usually just "silently" warning you now has found its voice!!!!
It might be, in the not so far future, with the help of technology, even the ciggy pack it self will be like an Mp4, so whenever you open the pack the ugly mouth will start its naration.

I think I will look at starting a business of producing chic and masculine ciggy,....

Is this clip just playing in singapore or in other countries too, I wonder?

Monday, March 19, 2007

definition of food

Yesterday night, my cousin came back home after a week holiday abroad. He "requested" his sister and( consequently) me to come down to the parking lot and help him carry some bags that he brought with him.

After I asked why is it necessary that we came down to carry 1 bag each (he carried his laptop bag, his sis carried his travel bag, and me end up with the laundry bag!) he aswered that he brought back some food.

While I thought of some local delights or frozen steaks, apparently "food" according to me and my cousin is completely different because what he brought back are 3 packets of fish floss and 2 bottles of mineral water!!

I shudder to think what he will feed his kids (when he has them)......

Monday, March 12, 2007

movies, movies and movies

The last few weeks I saw some really amazing works at the cinema.

We'll start with "The Pursuit of Happyness": Based on a true story of a salesman (by Will Smith) who against all odds manage to achieve what he wants through sheer determination.
But at the same time, he managed to keep his feet on the straight and narrow path, even when faced with being robbed, no home, left by his wife, caring for his son, entertaining him, to be on the same level as his peers by not causing pity and lending money when he himself is short of.
I really like the story on this one, because many times as I watched the movie, I am tempted to say "Give it up, choose one of the easy path" but he kept on going and succeed.

Next is Ms.Nia Dinata's "Berbagi Suami" (a.k.a "Love for share") ; what I enjoy about this movie is there is no judgement passed, no critics, no prejudiced. It simply tells a story (or rather 3 stories) of women who must (by situation or choice) share their husband with other women.
You know that feeling when you came out of the cinema feeling "happy" or "sad" or "angry" because of the story? I came out of the cinema not with those feelings crowding me but felt simply "entertained".

Now, the "History Boys" is highly recommended by one of my colleague. So, feeling somewhat curious, I went on the first opportunity.
The "History Boys" apparently showing for the first time as a play, not as a movie, it won quite a few awards.
Most of the conversations revolve around the history of europe and since there are no such subject during my schooling years, I have really no idea half of what they are spouting about. But, by no means it makes a boring movie, since you can read the expression each of the characters potray, their passion and their antics.

We'll end this round with "Music and Lyric"; I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of the movie. It simply shouted "The other version of Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks romatic comedy". Although I love "You've got mail" (especially the score), I really put this off until there are no better choices around (I am SO not going to watch "300"!!). Finally, went with my buddy on Sunday night and its pretty good. Quite a painfull beginning with the music video clip of Hugh Grant in tight white pants, but the rest of the movie is fun. Off course, catchy score, witty banter between the two makes the movie very entertaining but this should be the last movie for Hugh in similar character unless the character comes with a grandchild or two (Sorry Hugh). I still prefer Richard (Gere) for my "charming rogue turned devoted boyfriend".

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rumble in the "Bukit"

Last night before dawn break, a couple of feminine voices broke the silence of my neighborhood.

It is a very rare occurance indeed for me being woken up from a deep sleep, coz i usually slept like the dead, especially when I am really tired.
But, since my room is not on high floors, their angry voices got carried up and pierce my windows and ear drums, thus awaken me for the length of their "conversation".

" ^$#^((()*^%#$@!rrgt&&**(()^^$#^%&"
"^&$^*&(#$^$%&))(__*()&*&*!!!!!urhga;roi^*^%^*(%#@! %&^&(&*^^hgklfei&!!!!!!"

I don't understand what their shouting about, and I am not curious enough to open the curtain and tell them to put a lid on it. But one of my neighbours got irritated enough to act.
A few other voices started, also loud enough to get to my hearing, but either they are still groggy or they do not want to add to the argument, they only utter a furious "SSHHHHHhhhhh"!!!

Well,obviously the angry parties could not be bothered with such half attempt, they countinue to rail each other on top of their lungs, and the worst part is when they are under the building, their voices actually echo!

For your information, the scene is at a Singaporean HDB complex.

Not long after that, the voices trail away, and its peace and quiet once again but I couldn't get back to my precious deep sleep until the alarm rang.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new nest...

Hi,....Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it! May the new year bring prosperity and good luck.

2 weeks before the new year, we moved house; from the beach to the mountain.

It is a really nicely located unit, with my window facing the greenery and the lake. Truly awesome. No pictures yet, as my room is still in re-decorating stage.
But its a really nice experience as this is the first room that I can decorate from scratch. Previously, I always share rooms with my sis and the room at the hall is pretty much standard student lodging. So, I was very excited in furniture and accessories shopping.

Its still in the basic stage with a bed, table and chair,wardrobe and vanity counter. But, I am pleased with how it turned out. Neat, not too fussy, conducive to sleep and reading by the bed.

The overall unit is not bad either. Its a renovated and cleverly designed to maximize the space, wind flow, lighting and view.
We really did stumble upon this unit quite by accident, we did not planned to view it as we did not have previous appointment, but there it is, upon first viewing we have decided that this is the one that suit us perfectly (and in such good condition!) and decided on the spot.
Or rather, my cousins decided on the spot, since its their home and I am just in for the ride.

I guess it must be a good feeling to own your own house, but at the same time, you will have to bear the headache (of sorting through the red tape of lawyers,agents,housing commisions,banks,etc) and the worries (mortgages bills,furniture bills) not to mention the physical strain of cleaning house, packing and unpacking,etc.

Amazingly, my parents told me that they have moved house at least 7 times in 17 years before finally staying put at the last house! Fuih! didn;t know how my mum did it. Coz, obviously my dad won't be helping much (during those years).

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bird "brain" virus??

Pas kemaren lagi nonton berita, ngeliat siaran ttg bird-flu virus karena indonesia nggak mau berbagi info ttg virus itu ke scientists negara lain. Memang alasan mereka karena vaksin utk virus ini lagi dikembangin di indonesia dan intelectual rights para scientists yg lagi ngerjain itu mesti dilindungi..

Yg gue binggung, emang sih kalo Indonesia berhasil ngembangin vaksin-nya, bakalan terkenal lah negara kita dan nama bangsa bakal harum di seluruh dunia, soalnya penyakit ini udah menyebar ampe Inggris. Tapi di lain pihak, ngeliat jumlah korban yg jatuh akibat flu burung ini, apa jumlah nya nggak bakal bertambah banyak sambil nungguin vaksin nya selesai? tanpa bantuan dari negara2 lain?? istilah nya "2 kepala lebih baik daripada 1"
Dan virus ini udah menyebar ke seluruh dunia toh? bukan cuman indonesia doank yg mau nemuin vaksin nya...(Lagian yg bikin research itu juga bukan org indo,.. scientist amrik setau gue)
Kenapa nggak kerjasama se-baik2nya utk secepatnya menemukan vaksin, dan mengurangi jumlah korban ataupun mencegah....? kayaknya koq demi tercatat sebagai penemu vaksin flu burung, rakyat dibiarkan menderita..memang pemerintah udah ngelakukan banyak utk meng-edukasi rakyat dsb, tapi dengan rekor korban yg begitu besar, jelas tindak pencegahan belum efektif bgt.

Gue cuman ngebanding in aja nich,..reportase flu burung dari Indonesia dan Inggris beda banget! Di Indonesia, reporter nya bisa masuk ke kandang ayam nya, interview ama peternak ;yg nggak pake baju pelindung ataupun masker; pas di TKP ayam2 itu meninggal...sedangkan di Inggris, reporter cuman bisa shoot dari luar pagar yg jauhnya sekitar 10m dari gedung peternakan ayam!! dan aerial view dari helikopter.

Pantesan aja penyebaran virus flu burung di Indonesia nggak bisa terkendali!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

rich husband anyone?

I just hate the phrase "find a rich guy/husband" a reply whenever I am discussing my future plans.

At first it was really like an innocent suggestion or an offhand remark for a single gal, but after hearing it coming from different sources for 5 years, that line is getting old and moldy!!

Almost evertime I mention getting back to uni, or really like a piece of fine property, or an expensive purchase or just buying a tube of hagen daz (yes, it happened), some people around me will quickly remark "Boy, you gonna have to find a rich husband to foot all your bills and your lifestyle!"

100 years ago, that remark would be given very seriously indeed, as not many women had the means or the opportunity to support themselves.
But, at this 21st century where almost every women that I know are working, I personally consider that remark as insulting, because it implied that I could not support my self in the world and thus will have to hang my hopes on some bloke.
Offcourse I understand that some of them means well, but that line is starting to grate on my nerves!

I really would like to know if this line of thought ever being given from a brother to a brother for instance, "Yo bro, find yourself a rich wife". In asian countries, this will almost never happen.
Because however modern our society had evolved to, the general opinion will be the guy being the head of the family and bring the biggest bread home. Something to do with the ego, I am told.

I am not opposed to the idea of marriage, but certainly not to the idea of marrying a guy with thick portfolio as a single requirement. There was once an ad by

De beers

of the right hand diamond.
"Your left hand rock the cradle, your right hand rock the world"

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Italy anywhere

I've recently stumbled upon a cooking book written by Mrs.Lori de Mori. I've yet to finish reading it; and I mean reading, as I've yet tried any of the numerous recipes.

The first thing that captured my interest is the title; with its catchy phrase "Living an Italian culinary life wherever you call home". I have to admit that my stab at creating foods that requires more english than frying an egg have been first intrigue by

Jamie Oliver

. His cooking books somehow showed me that cooking is not rocket science, just employ all of your senses, the basics, and a sharp shopping trolley.

Back to Ms.Mori's book, I like the way she described the way of life of the Tuscans; seeing from the eye of an american married to an Italian; customs, weather, social life,why most things the way they are, and a variety of recipes which cover from stuzzichini to dolci, each consist the simplest recipe to the complicated.

At time of writing, I confess I have not finished reading it, but I have earmarked some recipes I am ready to test out, and I hope they will be at least .........edible (fault not due to instructions, off course)

Friday, January 19, 2007

to eat or not to eat..

I attended a talk show before with a topic on food, held by one of the prominent female magazine. In truth, I got this invitation byway of my boss; she couldn't go and pass the invite to me, hence I went. Being kiasu, I looked at the invite, sponsored by planitum membership of a certain bank, and imagined a complete gastronomical experience of a 7 course dinner!

As I arrive at the venue; a prominant 5 star hotel in jakarta; I feel like an impostor already, but my stomach was encouraging me to "Go for it, girl! there might be lobster bisque, followed by a rack of spring lamb and tiramisu behind those doors!" said my stomach (the glutton!)

After a 15 minutes cocktail, streched to 25, we are finally being invited to go into the dining hall where 10 tables lovely covered with crisp white cloths and modest decorations are set around a rectangular platform where our host seated, and the event began.
45 minutes later I can feel my stomach began complaining and my nose sniffing the air like a hound on a hunt. Its almost 7 pm!
At length, the plates are being brought out, and placed in front of us.

No lobster bisque. Instead what limply lay in the middle of the plate are 3 (three!!) steamed fish fingers with their customary spicy nut dip. In Indonesian terms "otak-otak"!, which I usually purchased at mobile road side vendors on a bicycle at less than $1, but offcourse of better quality.
By that time, my stomach couldn't complain anymore, its food. So,with gusto, I attacked the otak-otak, cutting each into 5 sections and proceeded to clean my plate in less than 10 minutes,...well 8.

The lady next to me however, which I presumed filling in no one's position but herself, daintily cut each of the fish fingers into 12 itty bitty portions and consume them with the utmost politeness for the next ,oh, 20 minutes or so.
I was embarrased -at being seen as a hungry kid from the alley- ,amazed and amused as I learn her finishing school technique of cutting and eating what most people would pick up with their fingers!
Definitely not nicking someone's invitation to get in.

The rest of the dinner goes well after that initial hungry pangs, and belatedly my brain register the topic; "How to serve Indonesian food in a fine dining theme".
Well, that certainly explains the missing bisque! (or the lamb)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Apologies, the correct title for the Queen,would be, Her Majesty and not HRH.

Friday, January 05, 2007

the Queen

I am considering whether or not I should change my blog name to "movie-geek" or "silver screen buff" or "motion picture junkie" or anything else since 60% of my blogs are about films.

Anyway,..current favourite is "The Queen".
I watched it last week, and its a very powerful movie. Those who adore the late Princess Diana will feel that she has died for the 2nd time. I dare say, there is no one (gents and ladies) who didn;t at least emerge from the cinema with glassy eyes or red nose (including this author;hiks).
But, it also gave me a new sense of profound respect for HRH the Queen, for if the movie anywhere near the truth, she is formidable indeed. Still human, but undoubtable, a Queen.

Have a go at it guys and keep a packet of tissue for your girl.

"The Curse of The Golden Flower"... At the end of the film, I felt compelled to brush up on my Chinese and master it. The cinematography is simply amazing. Its very artistic, bursting with colours and gold (literally), opulent in every sense of the word! and the song is just right!

Next in line; Mr.Stiller's "Night at the Museum".
This is a very light hearted movie, if my nephew and niece are old enough to understand, I would take them to see this one. Not so grisly, child-quota horror and a dinosaur of fun. What more a child can ask if you can have a war with live miniature of cowboys and roman soldiers; play catch with a dinosaur; and ride the elephant!! All in one place!!

"Friends with Money"
Now, this is a confusing one. Not too bad, but I don't think the movie is realistic it so you understand. Word of caution: A feminist will outrage at the injustice potrayed.

"Anastasia" Yul brenner version..
I kind of hoping the end will be a different one than the Disney version, more real, but no such luck. Makes me curious as to the history of it.

For this weekend, it will be "blood diamond".....anybody watch it yet?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

first blog of the year..


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007 to all. Hope you will have a better one from last year!!