Friday, June 29, 2007

hot hot fuuuzzzzz......

Outrageously funny!!! I laugh all through the movie and after!

"Hot Fuzz" tells the story of police officer (policeman is apparently a sexist remark) sergeant Nicholas "Angle" Angel, played by Simon Pegg, who got "transferred" to Sandford due to some jealous colleagues "You are so good, you make the rest of us look bad" said the Chief of Police. When sergeant Angel arrive at his new post, he paired up with Danny Butterman (Nick Frost).

All is well in sleepy Sandford where the latest crimes are runaway swan or clipping your neighbour hedges and the only high speed chase happened between the sergeant and a shoplifter.
However, things started to get interesting when people started dying by various "accidents" (which a police officer shouldn't mentioned since it implied no one is to blame).

What makes the whole movie is highly entertaining is the way they imitate the "action packed-adrenaline high" style of hollywood action movie and twisted it in British (satire) style.
The result is out of this world!
If I am a certified movie critics, I would give "Hot Fuzz" five popcorn out of five!! yohoo!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I am in pain....

Last saturday I went to a dance studio near the office for a street jazz session, I've always pass by in front of the studio every to and from work. It so happens that I wanted to see ifI can still bend my back like I did during my teen and shake up my congaled blood for not exercising for 7 years. It was a bad idea.

Went there on time, paid the one-off fee, changed my street clothes and in to the freezing cold studio! It was raining outside the whole day and the tiny studio is equipped with industrial strengh blower!
Anyway, the instructor came (she couldn't be old enough to drive, I was thinking), but she can definitely dance.

After 15 minutes into the warm up session, I was starting to forget about the cold, as my muscles being stretched from one end to another. The movements are familiar, so I could concentrate on my pilates breathing.
The hour passed by uneventfully, worked out a good sweat and feeling re-freshed, if not a bit battered.

However, judgement hour didn't come until the next morning, when I realize upon waking, that my muscles protested loudly over the hard work they have to endure the previous day. They were ( are! ) taut and I have to moved about quite slowly like a little old lady. Even to prop up my legs on the coffee table needs studious care....(ugh)

I've learned a lesson with this "experiment",....I have to admit that I am too old, to do an exercise led by not-yet-20-girls who still have wax for their muscles; must find a class that cater to above 25's who hasn't run in more than 5 years unless to catch the bus.

Sad, 'in't it?!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

North and South (2)

I've finished reading my 1st classic book. "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell!
Proud to say, this is the first classic that I read front to back and every page in between.

Previously, I tried to read "War and Peace" and "Persuasion"...but still couldn't finish either books.

Since the style of writing is pretty much different with current literature / fiction, I couldn't read as fast as I usually do in modern fiction, because the language is not something that I am familiar with (old english), there are quotes and lines from other classic works, so you've got to read slowly to understand the subtle sarcasm or the implied meaning or reference to the culture and trend.

All in all, I enjoyed it immensely! The story enfold slowly, with details that paint a complete picture of the background of the story, why certain things are the way they are, and it gave me a better understanding of each characters; the introduction and the glossary provides further explanatory notes which really great and helpful.

Friday, June 08, 2007

North and South

I'm in love....

Got the "North and South" BBC drama dvd yesterday, and after work, I head straight home to watch it.

The story line is similar to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", but while Mr.Darcy is the "aristocrat" type, Mr.Thornton is the "tall,dark,handsome,dangerous,moody" type; really somber, but his expression of concern and affection can be read through his gestures and facial expressions; definitely two thumbs up for Richard Armitage.
The heroine,Miss Hale (Daniela Denby Ashe), is the "wholesome and sensible" type, similar to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, also played a superb role in being the independent mature miss in the middle of the British industrial revolution.

Even though I have seen some videos uploaded by the die hard fans of N&S in, but I really do not regret at all purchasing the movie.

I haven't read the book yet; but I suspect I will like it too.

Recommendations to anyone who enjoyed "Pride and Prejudice", you'll love "North and South" too.