Monday, November 27, 2006

movie fest

Last weekend, was a movie fest for me..

It was all started with "A Beautiful Mind", on the telly. A rerun for me off course, coz I already watched it over the cinema, but nevertheless (as stated in my bio) it's my favourite movie so far, and I watched it till its over.

Saturday started late, so after lunch not much things to do, I "skimmed" through "Akeelah and the Bee" and "Take the Lead"
(Skimmed = re run at the dvd after the initial viewing over the cinema)
Went out to dinner bought "First Daughter" by Ms.Katie Holmes. Not too bad movie, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say 5. The reason is this movie is a siamese twin with "liberty". Same story line, same concept, but Ms.Holmes played her role with more "I-am-a-princess-in-a-white-castle" attitude then the-girl-at-"liberty"-which-I-can't-remember-her-name.

Sunday started later than saturday. After lunch, went down town and end up in the cinema for "Material Girls".
Not exactly hate it, but won;t recommend it either. Nothing against the Duff sisters' act, just not my storyline and type. Even though there is an attempt to make the movie look "smarter" its just all about dumb-blondes and dry jokes.

Got home, eat dinner, catch the tail of Mr.Bond's Aston Martin in "Die Another Day" and on to Ms.Audrey Hepburn (bought before head home) on the DVD for "Breakfast at Tiffany". I watched this one, more because of curiosity rather than anything.
I was curious as to what makes the movie so popular after its time beside its connection to the jewellery empire and the catchy score.
Well,.............its classic, and I discovered that I am not a bone-deep-romantics after all,..just skin-deep,.....

I wonder what held in store for next week.........

Monday, November 13, 2006

Little shop of horrors

Went to an interesting and certainly entertaining musical yesterday night with my cousin and his friend.

At first, I was not so convinced about the title nor the cast (being never heard of them before), but my cousin was pretty eager to see it. Not that he knew anything about it either, but simply being recommended by his friend

Anyway, we dress up, doll up (me, that is), and off we go.
Part of what makes me agree to, is because my cousin said that it is a comedy, so I figured that there will be no harm done from a little laugh, and the music arranged by Mr.Alan Menken, my favourite Disney scores composer.

It was suprisingly quite funny, although one or two of the local jokes just escape me; but nevertheless it was a good musical with lots of potential.
The leading lady, I especially noted has great pipes. The rest of the crew are good too.
The show was attracting lots of kiddies too, the content being not too stuffy, not too scary, sexy but harmless, with a few twists.

The odd thing that I noticed is that there seems to be a subtle battle of popularity between the chorus girls; "The Dim Sum Dollies" and the rest of the crew. Or is it just because "The Dim Sum Dollies" are very chatty, vibrant and witty, they overshadowed the rest.

Not until lunch with the guys at work, did I know, that the musical is an adaptation from the original version to the local style.

But, I can say that Singapore are definitely appreciating (and having) more art variety with almost International quality.

For you guys in Singapore, have a go at the show, have a great evening, or at the very least you will have a good laugh or two (which will improve that mood!!):P

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Just want to share my mate's story (Leni - Thank's Len), enjoy;

Three countries, America, England and Indonesia, are trying very hard to determine which country among the three of them had the most sophisticated technology by testing their soil contents.

As agreed, America will start, followed by England and Indonesia.

In America, after digging as deep as 1000m, they found a copper cable, so American Team proudly announced that 1500 years ago, America had construct phone system utilizing copper cables.

In England, there were nothing after 1000m dig, but at 1500m, they found fragments of glass. England team therefore proudly announced that 2500 years ago, communication had utilize advance Fibre optics in their system.

Lastly, in Indonesia, they dig for 1500m, 2000m, and still they had not found anything. So, Indonesian team -bursting with pride- concluded that 5000 years ago, communication in Indonesia had been WIRELESS.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

variasi ahhh..

Aduuh, capek juga blog-ing dlm bhs Inggris, kadang suka nggak kesampean maksud hati, jadi kali ini pengen curhat nya pake indo aja, biar lebih nyantee,..

Hehe, for you guys who view my "English" blog, sorry for this one time, I am indulging in my mother tongue. Next blog will be in English, I promised.

Eh, itu sebenarnya banyak iklan ttg baby Suri tuh apaan sih? kyknya banyak deh celeb hollywood laen yg punya baby, ampe 3 kadang-kadang, tapi jarang yg kayaknya di"brand"ed kyk ni anak nya si mas Tom and jeng Kate, jadinya kayak misterius banget.
Anyway, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so buat ortu manapun pasti anak sendiri yg paling cakep, udah aturan dari "sono"nya...
Jadi, apa sih yg bikin baby Suri beda dari "cuties" all over the world yg laen?? (selain bakal nge-warisin milyar an $$$) ,... So what gitu loh?!?!

Jadi, ada yg bisa memberikan penjelasan?? fans nya mas Tom mungkin....??