Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mau nanya...

Mau nanya nih sama temen2 blogger yg udah "lulus" dating; alias skg udah punya pasangan atau udah married.Kalo misalnya ceweq yg ngajak dating duluan, apakah kita harus siap bayarin si cowoq juga? untuk makan nya? atau aktifitas nya (nonton etc)?

pacaran sih udah pernah, tapi kalo soal dating gue nich masih termasuk di kelas "playgroup" ;P
sbnr nya gue masih berprinsip tradisional; cowoq kudu bikin gerak pertama...tapi kalau situasi menuntut gue bergerak duluan,..gue sih masih ok....

gimana teman2 bisa bantu? seperti kata salah satu temen gue,...masalah masa depan nih...:P

random thought

Tadi pagi sempet ke CBD area, trus keluar dari MRT (masih di underground), ngelewatin tunnel yg langit2 nya agak rendah, jadi suara sepatu org2 yg rushing to work bergema bok.......

Langsung kepikiran lirik di salah satu lagu-nya Mulan (Disney version)
Excerpt from the song "A girl worth fighting for"

For a long time we've been marching off to battle
In our thundering herd we feel a lot like cattle


Friday, August 13, 2010

today's lunch

errr,...sorry about the photo's colour...fluorecent light effect...

Anyway,.this was my lunch today; rice, chicken tsukune, tamagoyaki and brocolli.

The chicken tsukune recipe is thanks to Debra and the technique for the 1 egg tamagoyaki is thanks to Maki.

Unfourtunately, I was a bit overexcited when I grate the ginger for the tsukune and end up with a strong ginger flavour/smell. Nothing wrong with the original recipe. And should've fried them a bit longer... and I didn't have shoyu for glazing...
but they came out delicious. My cousin was sniffing while I was frying them and said that he was getting hungry again though he already had dinner. haha....

As I was eating my lunch, I realize that today's bento is very "dry"; or it was because I was lazy and didn't reheat the bento. :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's lunch

hihihihihihh,..another reason I'm so happy today is.....

I found a 2 tier bento box!!! and a matching bento bag too.

It was a lucky find, while shopping at Muji. The bigger box is $7.90/pc and the smaller box at $6.90/pc, the bag is $13.90/pc and I also bought a silicon cup set at $6.90/set of 3 (not in the picture).

The big box is a 500ml capacity and the smaller box is 300 ml.

So, for this inaugural lunch, I've packed rice with salt chicken (recipe from maki and braised mustard leaves. In the smaller box, I've segmented oranges. Too bad I don't have chocolate pieces, other wise I'll add them to the oranges!

By the way, the recipe of that chicken is so simple! and the result is so delicious! Its a must-try recipe.

So happy!


My dearest lovely friends gave me an early early birthday present! It might not be what I wish, but it certainly what I need!....

Thank you so much Her and Ser...muuuaachhh...

This is actually a big surprise for me, because I really didn't see it coming. When they gave it to me, I was quite shocked and speechless for a few minutes because I really can't believe they gave me something that's so expensive! But they know that I need one for my birthday trip next month and they decided to give me my present one month early!

Yeay! love you both!! hugs n kisses