Thursday, August 31, 2006

The un-appropriate weather

Currently, we are having un-appropriate weather here in the merlion city. Its been pouring all day since yesterday afternoon, and drizzling still steadily, turning the day into overcast, with welcoming breeze and coolness after 2 dry and hot weeks.

Its in-appropriate because it is the middle of the week! Its still wednesday and thursday (not even friday) where this kind of weather is more appropriate for sleeping at home, not working in the office.

The scene would be: a cup of hot chocolate, open windows, overstuffed sofa, bare foot (offcourse) the latest fiction novel by my fav author with Mr.Cole Porter at the speaker.


Thursday, August 24, 2006


It occured to me the other night (while having dinner accompanied by an animation on the DVD), that my life has taken a significant turn. Towards the better I hope.

5 years ago, I was going out with this nice bloke who's been around since high school, and we went out for 5 short months before things dissolved. It was a really really short relationship coz we only spent like 3 days as a couple in the same town, before i had to flew back to uni halfway across the globe.
We did communicate through phone etc, but really no quality time, so we decided we'll pick it up until after I return home.
But, when I did return I found that I've changed my mind, and he already married with one son. Well,.....Didn't manage to say congratulations as it was a bit awkward then.

Now, I am happily working to a great company, in another country, and single.

But, I still wonder sometimes "IF" we did manage to get together again, how would my life be and the most important thing is "Will I like it?".

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lazy summer day

Location : office
Local time: 3.28pm
Weather : 31 deg. Celcius

Mission: staying awake
Preferred activities: zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, August 18, 2006

East Coast again

Today, went to the beach again, this time with me couzin, he on his weekly jog and me on my sometimes-exercise,..
I think I might invest in a pair of inline skate, that way, I will have to make use of it, and exercise regularly, and safe the rental fee.

The past few days, the "aura" of the office is dark and gloomy, caused by a break down in the net connection and chain reaction to my boss, who has a lot of things going with the emails.
He is not happy. At all.
And that is not all, the back up battery for the computer also crashed; and his other half is out of the country.
Definitely not a good week.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Feeling blue

feeling blue
missing the 2 people I love most
But thankful still
for I still have 2 people to be missed
rather than them
who do not anyone to share love
and affection with

Happy birthday to Luna and Jovann, may you grow in love and secure in knowing that we will be there for you to give our support and blessing.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

a trip down memory lane

just got back from spending the weekend in KL, Malaysia.

Made the trip to/fro by coach, which is definitely not the mode of transportation for people with small (or compressed) bladder (pregnant ladies beware).

The city is not too much different from the last time I was there, still a bit messy downtown, but green at the suburb area.

I did contact some old friends there, who all are quite successfull. Miss "S" (for safety reasons I have decided to conceal their identity against overwhealming fans, hehehehhe) had started her own company, and has passed the 1st year, ready for the 2nd (go girl!, very happy and proud of you!!),.. Miss "T" has decided to quit her current job, and about to start on her own too (best of luck missy, I know u can do it!)
Now, Mr and Mrs "A" and "L", who have been very nice in letting me crash in for 3 days and 2 nights, with amenities rivaled to a 3 star hotel (courtesy of the ever meticulous Mrs."L"), are in their 3rd year of marriage, and I dare say they are getting even more romantic (way to go, mates!)

I didn;t get to see much in the short trip, I promised myself I will be back and explore more, but I was more interested in seeing what has become of KL in the 5 years that I've left it, so I look for familiar surroundings.

The famous Suria KLCC is still the favourite shopping centre, with the "everything under the sun" catchy phrase.
But, Star hill has evolved into a mediterranian sidewalk somehow with road side cafes offering "Shisha" (the turkish and Moroccan smoke pipe) along with coffee and ice cream. Interesting sight, which reminds me of a Moroccan friend.
New malls being built with impressive range of shops and brands, pretty much what I see back home and in the land of the merlion, well most malls are anyway, but one of the malls actually offered the buggy service if you have more shopping bags than your 2 hands can carry, they happily provide a chauffeured buggy to take you and your purchases back to where you park your car, and take you back to the shops for another round.
Went to visit the neighbourhood "pasar malam" for dinner but the pirated dvd vendors are no longer there. Ah well,...

And the icing of the cake, I manage to restrain myself from contacting an old flame.