Thursday, August 24, 2006


It occured to me the other night (while having dinner accompanied by an animation on the DVD), that my life has taken a significant turn. Towards the better I hope.

5 years ago, I was going out with this nice bloke who's been around since high school, and we went out for 5 short months before things dissolved. It was a really really short relationship coz we only spent like 3 days as a couple in the same town, before i had to flew back to uni halfway across the globe.
We did communicate through phone etc, but really no quality time, so we decided we'll pick it up until after I return home.
But, when I did return I found that I've changed my mind, and he already married with one son. Well,.....Didn't manage to say congratulations as it was a bit awkward then.

Now, I am happily working to a great company, in another country, and single.

But, I still wonder sometimes "IF" we did manage to get together again, how would my life be and the most important thing is "Will I like it?".


journal mommy said...

lagi refleksi and introspection ya?

journal mommy said...

Hi honey,
tiap loe comment di posting gue, gue reply balik. kalo mo comment on general, di box gue aja ya (di baris kanan). dag

nanz3she said...

ok d..
refleksi?? iya kyknya....
Introspeksi?? ...nggak tuh kyknya (hohohoho,.. blm bertobat!!..hahahaha)