Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hotel hopping...

I've just discovered a new ambition; Hotel Hopping.

Reading the book about Asian Style Hotels really gets your itchy feet itchy; and I've only got to the Indonesia part.

The thing about the hotels, they are beautifully designed, decorated, offers head-to-toe-body-and-soul-personalized-butler service. And they are expensive (offcourse).

But somehow, I can't imagine taking my parents to one of these hotels, as they are targetted to foreigners. I can just imagined the comment that will spring forth; "Its so expensive" "Its so dusun (old/backwater)" "there is nothing in here" (because most of the hotel's main commodities is privacy and tranquility)
haha...Not to say that they are not appreciative to the finer things in life, but they just have a different concept to it.

Nevertheless, I'd like to at least try each of the hotel once.....ooommmm.....

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