Tuesday, November 04, 2008

flying fox and babysitting

As mentioned before, I really wanted to get away for sometime now and last weekend I was flying off to Bali to spend 3 days there. It was quite an improptu thing, since a friend of mine will be there for the weekend as well on a business trip.

The first 2 days, I spent with my uncle's family (they reside there) and my sister (she works there), we went for local delicacies, day trips (flying fox), spa and dinners together.

And then the last night I went to stay at a hotel (selfishly I wanted some time alone to regroup and enjoy lazy days). It proved to be quite a good decision, as I managed to catch that magnificent sunset at Kuta Beach with Fency, do some sightseeing and shopping at Legian (found the cutest bathing suit! exactly what I had in mind)
I was regreting (a bit) of not staying in the hotel earlier, as I met this guy who is the hotel's photographer. I think he was quite cute (can't see clearly without my glasses as I was swimming). Wonder what might ensue from that meeting if I were not due for check out in 2 hours....

From Bali, I fly back home and stayed at my sis' place for the rest of my holidays, babysitting.
She recently moved from the centre of town to the suburbs (way WAY out in the suburbs), where a decent mall is 30 minutes away. Whereas my parent's house is 10 minutes away from one of the poshest malls in town.

Knowing I'll be at my sis, I brought my little munchkins some snacks and chocolate bites. Imagine my horror when my sis said that they are ALERGIC TO CHOCOLATES!!! OH NO! my poor bambini...I hope they outgrow it though..
So for 5 days, I coddled them, soothe them, break their fights, change their wet pants,etc etc..But I have to say when the rewards are big hugs, toothy grins, and sloppy kisses, its well worth it.
They are in their first week of school and I just got this cutest picture of them in their uniforms.
Luna and Jovann remember me still as I was there during their early days (from birth to 1-ish), but little sebastian still wary of me up to the day I left. He is one tough nut to crack.

Anyhow, it was one of the nicest holiday I've had in long time.....with nothing to do but what I want to...Isn't that what great holidays are?


journal mommy said...

We always welcome your visit, auntie

Patzie said...

yeah yen... for baby sitting for sure..:p

cen... mendingan lo ke Jkt pas yenny ke spore...

nomad girl said...

yeeeh,...mendingan itu kucrit2 ber-3 dibawa sekalian ke singapore! itu baru bener, pat!