Friday, February 27, 2009

What motivates you (2)?

Almost everyday of this week, I've been waking up early in the morning and arrive in the office a few minutes before 9am. Which is quite out of the norm as usually my schedule will follow a loose pattern of:
Monday; arrive at 8.35
Tuesday; arrive at 8:55
Wednesday; arrive at 9:02
Thursday; arrive at 9:10
Friday; arrive at 9:17
or it coulb be; arrive at after 9 for the whole week. (FYI, office hours start at 9am)

Wonder what motivates me? the answer is two-word (as Danny De Vito said in "Hercules") Mini-Bus

Well, I did mentioned in my blog previously that our office has moved to a new location right? Well, that new location is on one of the highest points in Singapore; not that much different how Mt.Everest summit is to Nepal (shrunk 208times; give and take a few hundred meters).

Ever since we moved to this office, I've been climbing a set of staircase every morning (and sometimes at lunch time) to/fro the main road. As the location is in a designated residential area, no convinience store and no cafes around. A quick trip for a stick of ice cream is out of the question. I've learned to be smart with my time, if I have to go on errands, I make sure that its around lunch time and I came back by taxi.

So you can imagine our delight when the landlord of our bulding said that a mini-bus has been provided to carry us in the morning, departing every 8:50am from the main road.
Since then, there is no turning back for me, I've been waking up with renewed spirit every morning, eager to catch the bus!


elsiey said...

yaoloohhh... kacian amatttt??? But look at the bright side.

U wakes up every morning with a mission (to catch the bus). haha.. hidup kalo ga ada visi dan misi kan kagak ada artinya, Sis.

Then, U can saved ur money. Iya kan?? Kaga bisa jajan, duitnya irit toh?? Ga bisa window shopping, ga bisa nongkrong di cafe = DUIT UTUH. hehehe...

Salam kenal

nomad girl said...

hhaha...bener juga,..nggak bisa nongkrong di cafe sore2..

tapi kadang jadi suka nyetok di kulkas kantor,..beli pudding,indomie,eskrim,biskuit, dll...hahaha

salam kenal juga

journal mommy said...

kayanya baru kemarin-kemarin denger complaint "gendut deh..."?
sekarang dah nyetok pudding, ice cream, etc...???

nomad girl said...

gendut sih gendut, cream itu tuntutan hormon (baca=pms)

Patzie said...

Oww.. baru tau kalo PMS itu bikin ketagihan ice cream....
*alesan aja neh* peace yooo