Friday, July 21, 2006

in line skate & tsunami

I just got back from in line skate-ing at the east coast beach front. Its quite a stretch, with interesting cafes, a scatter of public bbq pits that being used by teenager of singapore. But what I like most is the feeling of being able to run fast with the help of the wheels at my feet and wind from the sea. truly awesome and relaxing.
With $7/hour you can run the beach stretch to and fro. Makes me wonder when Indonesia will ever manage to have such a public park and make use of all those beach front of all the islands.

My couzin's flat (in which I am crashing right now), is not so far away from the beach. 10 min walking distance through the underpass and we are there. Although, with recent disaster in Indonesia, it kind of alerted me of how IF (touchwood2) the sea trash to the land? We are so close to the water!. Well, the whole singapore is close to the water, sea view is actually one of the selling point of apartments and condos in singapore, so I guess the fear is lodge at the mind of every singaporean since the quake near Java. (Gosh!)
I fervently pray there will not be any more quakes big enough to cause tsunamis, I can say that our country has suffered enough.(Please, God)

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