Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ussually, when I write my blog, the events have been sitting in my head for at least 2 days, I make it a habit so as to write with as much objectivity as possible.
But today's events warant a special treatment.

I went to Singapore's biggest mall today to catch a movie (yes, I went alone), after I book a ticket from the internet. As I arrive at the mall, no less than 4 ppl have step on the back of my slippers. Crowded, full of bodies, I think nothing of it. Nevertheless, I was slightly irritated.

When I get to the cinema, it was 1 hr before the movie supposed to start, and I joined the queue to collect my ticket.Turns out, it was 30 minutes before I can collect my ticket!!. There were only about 8 or so ppl ahead of me, so I have no idea what caused the wait, coz when I reached the counter, the service is good, and person who served us realize that its peak time, thus he is very efficient.
It was a good thing that I booked the ticket in advance otherwise I will have to join the regular ticket counter which spilled to a good 6 meter from the counter!

Anyway, as there is not enough time for me to get a nibble out of the cinema, I decided to grab something from the cinema cafe. So I joined {another} queue for my hotdog and cola. As I moved up the line, suddenly there is this banshee-like screech from my right "IIIEEEEE!!! EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!" I quickly realized that I've cut the queue. I offered my apology and step back behind her. But that didn;t stop her to stare me up with an expression I'll-tackle-you-down-you-b***h!
Hello..!!! who's fault was that, when she is not keeping the line at the queue while stuck to her boyfriend like a leech?!?!!?!!
And for godsake its only a line for popcorn and not the last of the food ratio!!....I did offered my apology and she was not even gracious enough to accept it. Someone did not "get-it" last night..

This afternoon accident with queue-ing has a precedent the day before. I was shopping at a book store, and as I finishing up paying at the cashier, a guy step up next to me to pay for his purchases. I was suprised and said "sir, I think there is a queue" and he replied "But,there is no one behind you" in an insulted tone. I quickly turn around and the 2 french ladies were no longer there. I assumed they forgotten something and abandoned the line. I told him as much and he said "I beg your pardon" with an undertone of "don't-simply-accuse-people".


In the end, after the movie, I went shopping. But, since it was 2 accidents, I think I'll need a second shopping expedition tomorrow.

If any of you guys ever heard me suggesting that we catch a movie at the same mall again, you may knock me unconcious and tied me to the nearest lamp post.


journal mommy said...

poor you
but i think you've got used to some impoliteness while in jakarta?
can't imagine even in singapore where its people are boasting for politeness of the country, you've still encountered such event
still on your plan on coming home for christmas?

nanz3she said...

Well, in this case, I think most ppl will say I am the one who is impolite, but singaporeans are I find generally has low tolerance level for such things.