Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new nest...

Hi,....Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it! May the new year bring prosperity and good luck.

2 weeks before the new year, we moved house; from the beach to the mountain.

It is a really nicely located unit, with my window facing the greenery and the lake. Truly awesome. No pictures yet, as my room is still in re-decorating stage.
But its a really nice experience as this is the first room that I can decorate from scratch. Previously, I always share rooms with my sis and the room at the hall is pretty much standard student lodging. So, I was very excited in furniture and accessories shopping.

Its still in the basic stage with a bed, table and chair,wardrobe and vanity counter. But, I am pleased with how it turned out. Neat, not too fussy, conducive to sleep and reading by the bed.

The overall unit is not bad either. Its a renovated and cleverly designed to maximize the space, wind flow, lighting and view.
We really did stumble upon this unit quite by accident, we did not planned to view it as we did not have previous appointment, but there it is, upon first viewing we have decided that this is the one that suit us perfectly (and in such good condition!) and decided on the spot.
Or rather, my cousins decided on the spot, since its their home and I am just in for the ride.

I guess it must be a good feeling to own your own house, but at the same time, you will have to bear the headache (of sorting through the red tape of lawyers,agents,housing commisions,banks,etc) and the worries (mortgages bills,furniture bills) not to mention the physical strain of cleaning house, packing and unpacking,etc.

Amazingly, my parents told me that they have moved house at least 7 times in 17 years before finally staying put at the last house! Fuih! didn;t know how my mum did it. Coz, obviously my dad won't be helping much (during those years).

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