Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rumble in the "Bukit"

Last night before dawn break, a couple of feminine voices broke the silence of my neighborhood.

It is a very rare occurance indeed for me being woken up from a deep sleep, coz i usually slept like the dead, especially when I am really tired.
But, since my room is not on high floors, their angry voices got carried up and pierce my windows and ear drums, thus awaken me for the length of their "conversation".

" ^$#^((()*^%#$@!rrgt&&**(()^^$#^%&"
"^&$^*&(#$^$%&))(__*()&*&*!!!!!urhga;roi^*^%^*(%#@! %&^&(&*^^hgklfei&!!!!!!"

I don't understand what their shouting about, and I am not curious enough to open the curtain and tell them to put a lid on it. But one of my neighbours got irritated enough to act.
A few other voices started, also loud enough to get to my hearing, but either they are still groggy or they do not want to add to the argument, they only utter a furious "SSHHHHHhhhhh"!!!

Well,obviously the angry parties could not be bothered with such half attempt, they countinue to rail each other on top of their lungs, and the worst part is when they are under the building, their voices actually echo!

For your information, the scene is at a Singaporean HDB complex.

Not long after that, the voices trail away, and its peace and quiet once again but I couldn't get back to my precious deep sleep until the alarm rang.


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