Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Horror...

There is a new horror short movie in town!

I was watching the telly last night when suddenly they show this pack of cigarettes with its picture and health warning. The picture is showing the mouth cancer.
But the mouth suddenly move to narate the dangerous of smoking and what it can cause you.
I was shocked!! not a horror movie fan, for me that can be classified as a horror clip! Even I who don't smoke feel the chill, I can't imagine what impact it will make to the them who puff a packet a day.
The ugly mouth that usually just "silently" warning you now has found its voice!!!!
It might be, in the not so far future, with the help of technology, even the ciggy pack it self will be like an Mp4, so whenever you open the pack the ugly mouth will start its naration.

I think I will look at starting a business of producing chic and masculine ciggy,....

Is this clip just playing in singapore or in other countries too, I wonder?

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