Tuesday, May 15, 2007

dinner -sigh-

As I left the office at 8 pm, I stopped by at the supermarket in the neighbourhood to pick up a few stuff. Initially, I wanted to get only some garlic, tomatoes, and sardines to make spaghetti, but changed my mind, and saw they got a pretty decent sea bass on individual wrap.

I decided to make sea bass in a bag instead, and picked up white wine, lemons and potatoes.

Before taking the bus back home, I need to make another detour to the library to drop the audio book I've been listening to (The Girl with the Pearl Earrings; pretty good), so by the time I reached home, I am all but ready to drop at the sofa and forget about food.
However, I continued to the kitchen to take out the ingredients out of the plastic bags and start preparing dinner.

Once I set out everything, cut the lemons, pick all the basil leaf from the potted plant,etc, I just realized that the fish is yet to be scaled and gutted! The fishmonger at the supermarket didn;t remove anything, just slap the fish on the styrofoam plate and cover it with cling wrap. I honestly thought that I just have to wipe it clean and cook it! Drat

Well, I didn;t see any other choice, so borrowing the energy of a marathoner at the last 100m, I attacked that fish, scraped the scales, flip the fish this way and that, to clean the cavity, and after a few agonizing minutes (and changing my knife to a cleaver) my fish is clean and ready!
I have to say I am proud of myself, since this is my first attempt to clean a fish from scratch and I did quite a good job. I knew reading those cooking books will come in handy.

Finally, when I done with the cooking, eating, cleaning and setting the kitchen to rights, it was 12 midnight and I haven't even bathe. Yuck. I'll definitely considered take out tomorrow.


journal mommy said...

poor you
you can always drop by to my house and have a free dinner :-p
OR... I can take you to a place where they serve good seabass.
Your choice....

nomad girl said...

OR....you can deliver to me!! THAT would work really well....hohoho