Monday, April 07, 2008

a babe in a ranch? a gold fish in the sea?

Last weekend, I went to a colleague's place for his birthday BBQ and arrived there with birthday present in hand.

For background information, this colleague of mine is a Brit, married with 2 kids and celebrating his 45th.
So, when I arrived there, the crowd consist of really mature grown ups and really young (and tiny) people..

Not to be discourage, I decided this is a good opportunity to brush up my social skills..and to eat, off course,..
Food are good and aplenty,..seafood, roast lamb,fried rice,cheese platter with assorted fruits, potato salad, green salad etc,...
Drinks covers all the bases, from bottled water, fizzy drinks, wine, and beer.
and later I discovered, 2 sheets of brownies baking in the oven. yum..
Kids running around in their bathing suits ;or soaked shirt if the parents aren't fast enough; to/fro the pool

As the day progressed, more and more guests arrive and suddenly I realized that I was the only one who is an asian; single with no partner/children/dogs; over 21 and didn't drink alcohol (at that time).
And on top of that, I only knew the host, since no other people from the office came.

I did chat to a few of the guests, but looks like my social skills need more than brushing; I was not exactly lost, but neither was I found.

But, it was fun and I managed to make friend with Shakey; my host's labrador.

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journal mommy said...

sounds to mr u had a good time