Monday, April 14, 2008

My world gourmet summit

Last weekend was one of the laziest and most fullfilling (in terms of stomach content) I've had so far..

Lets start with Friday night (weekend almost always start with friday night);
well,..due to a hard day on friday (foul ups at work, etc) we decided we need alcohol, so we planned to head to Harry's (at boat quay) for some nourishing food and drinks.
unfortunately, when we arrived there, its the peak of Happy hour at Harry's and not a single chair or table or a ledge-big-enough-to-hold-a-beer-bottle is available. So with a heavy heart, we decided to go on down the river to Iguana.

In Iguana, as usual, the crowd is loud, music is in the background and not fighting with conversation, the food is good and the margarita is cold!

So, there we were, 2 girls, with a jug of raspberry margarita, fajitas and buritos. Not a half hour later, mal, novi and jovin joined us. Another round of margarita and food being served. We went home full and relaxed.

the next day, we went to watch "Definitely, maybe", the lighter-than-air romantic comedy, so light I can't even remember what's the story about...
Its like sniffing glue; cheap (the ticket price), momentarily captivating, and easily forgotten.

After the movie, me and mal went to try this new 'food bazaar' with a Japanese theme.
Basically, you went in the restaurant, and they gave you a card to record your purchases and a round 'reserved' wood disk to be placed on your table, so you can roam the restaurant freely without losing your table to other hungry birds. The resturant itself has islands and designed to immitate market stalls, so you can hop from one stall to the next and see what they are cooking.
Since i didn't have my lunch, I went a bit mad with all that food on display. They have cold selections; seasoned jelly fish, vinegared baby octopus, salads, sashimi, etc.
They also have assorted tempura, deep fried food and donburi (rice with deep fried meat in omellete);rotabayaki (grill food on stick); Omu rice (tomato ketchup fried rice topped with omelette with a side fried meat),Japanese hot pot; cold soba ;assorted ramen & udon; Japanese style spaghetti & pizza; bamboo rice;Japanese omellette; japanese dessert of red bean with mochi (I am starting to drool just by listing all these food...)
To make long story short, I ordered all my favourite food (and believe me, there are a lot), and go home as stuffed as a thanksgiving turkey.

On sunday, dawn clear and hot, I went for my massage appointment and spent 60 minutes pummeled by a minute Chinese girl no bigger than me with hot rocks. Limber and loose, I then went downstairs to their cafe, where I enjoyed 7 layer (yes, that's right; SEVEN) pancake.
The fluffy and sweet tower is slathered with honey and maple syrup, with a scattered of juicy berries (strawberries, blueberries,raspberries) and nuts (macadamia,almonds,and some I don't recognize). In between them, nutela and dried cherries (I think they were) add some volume and height.

Hungry yet?

Got some pictures, but I just can't get them uploaded just the meantime use your imagination! haha


journal mommy said...

can we go to this resto during my short visit to u this early May? sounds yummy and I feel hungry while reading this

nomad girl said...

haha,..I knew you would say that,..ok, I'll be planning your itinerary in town...

Maladi Tang said...

yeah right some people like to order food because they like, not because they hungry. so please.... order food that you can finished next time will ya......

nomad girl said...

you're just jealous....hahaha

journal mommy said...

ehm, this food bazaar is good.
I was tempted to order so much too but I didn't do it. However, I like the idea to gather those japanese foods under one roof.