Monday, June 02, 2008

SATC....what else?

Well, the shoes are out of the box! these past 2 weeks movie fans are abuzz with releases after releases; Indiana Jones, Narnia - Prince Caspian, and off course the long awaited Sex and The City movie!

Ever since I heard the news that they are filming the silver screen version, I was keeping an ear to the ground for the release date; and finally yesterday I went with my girlfriends to the cinema.

To keep long story (almost 3 hrs) short, lets just say, the movie captured all about women and their relationship. Probably because it revolves around 4 characters, each with their own set of challenges, it manages to "colour a captivating image using nearly every crayon in the box" (find out about this in the movie!)

Love, hate, betrayal, fidelity, motherhood, marriage, friendship, career, fame, sex and fashion.

What I also like about the movie, is the pace. It doesn't feel hurried (compressing about one and a half year's worth of the characters' life), neither did it feel dragged on (145 minutes). I felt I just watched a whole seasons' episodes.
At the end of the movie, there is a sense of closing, but also continuity, with the girls keep on with their dinner and drinks celebrating samantha's birthday.

I think this movie will become one of a classic must watch movie......speaking of which,..please see my next blog..

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