Friday, July 11, 2008


well,its been a while since I last posted my ramblings, here's about another movie I recently watched with some friends.

Penelope is a young lady of 25 years old, graceful, speaks french fluently, comes from a prominent blue blood family, an only child and....has a pig snout for a nose.
It all happens because Penelope's great great great grandfather impregnate a young maid in his employ but will not stand up to marry her. The maid ended up over a cliff and the maid's mother cast a spell onto the family that the first daughter of the family will be different until "her own kind" will accept her as "one of them".
So, penelope was born with piggish features (snout, ear and tail).

Her mother keep Penelope a secret at home (never allowed anyone who is not a family to see her, or let her out of the house either) and concentrated her efforts to groom Penelope to become the perfect bride and wife to marry another blue blooded in order to lift the curse.

Christina Ricci played Penelope brilliantly and James MacAvoy was just (..let me sigh for a moment here..) to die for. James played Max Campion a.k.a Johnny, a chronic gambler, whom being paid by a reporter and one of Penelope's ex suitor, to take a picture of Penelope.

The movie skips the "where" part; it didn't says a place and also skips "when"; didn't mention the year/century/millenium it happens. Its keeping the fairy tale charm firmly in place with a mixture of reality and fantasy.
And it works. Fairy tales doesn't need to be a cartoon, or men in tights (though it certainly can't hurt, haha, just kidding...)

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