Saturday, January 20, 2007

Italy anywhere

I've recently stumbled upon a cooking book written by Mrs.Lori de Mori. I've yet to finish reading it; and I mean reading, as I've yet tried any of the numerous recipes.

The first thing that captured my interest is the title; with its catchy phrase "Living an Italian culinary life wherever you call home". I have to admit that my stab at creating foods that requires more english than frying an egg have been first intrigue by

Jamie Oliver

. His cooking books somehow showed me that cooking is not rocket science, just employ all of your senses, the basics, and a sharp shopping trolley.

Back to Ms.Mori's book, I like the way she described the way of life of the Tuscans; seeing from the eye of an american married to an Italian; customs, weather, social life,why most things the way they are, and a variety of recipes which cover from stuzzichini to dolci, each consist the simplest recipe to the complicated.

At time of writing, I confess I have not finished reading it, but I have earmarked some recipes I am ready to test out, and I hope they will be at least .........edible (fault not due to instructions, off course)

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journal mommy said...

my favourite line is...if you can read, u can cook...;-D