Friday, January 05, 2007

the Queen

I am considering whether or not I should change my blog name to "movie-geek" or "silver screen buff" or "motion picture junkie" or anything else since 60% of my blogs are about films.

Anyway,..current favourite is "The Queen".
I watched it last week, and its a very powerful movie. Those who adore the late Princess Diana will feel that she has died for the 2nd time. I dare say, there is no one (gents and ladies) who didn;t at least emerge from the cinema with glassy eyes or red nose (including this author;hiks).
But, it also gave me a new sense of profound respect for HRH the Queen, for if the movie anywhere near the truth, she is formidable indeed. Still human, but undoubtable, a Queen.

Have a go at it guys and keep a packet of tissue for your girl.

"The Curse of The Golden Flower"... At the end of the film, I felt compelled to brush up on my Chinese and master it. The cinematography is simply amazing. Its very artistic, bursting with colours and gold (literally), opulent in every sense of the word! and the song is just right!

Next in line; Mr.Stiller's "Night at the Museum".
This is a very light hearted movie, if my nephew and niece are old enough to understand, I would take them to see this one. Not so grisly, child-quota horror and a dinosaur of fun. What more a child can ask if you can have a war with live miniature of cowboys and roman soldiers; play catch with a dinosaur; and ride the elephant!! All in one place!!

"Friends with Money"
Now, this is a confusing one. Not too bad, but I don't think the movie is realistic it so you understand. Word of caution: A feminist will outrage at the injustice potrayed.

"Anastasia" Yul brenner version..
I kind of hoping the end will be a different one than the Disney version, more real, but no such luck. Makes me curious as to the history of it.

For this weekend, it will be "blood diamond".....anybody watch it yet?


redtown said...

"The Queen" is brilliant in every way, save one.  In reality, the Queen's reaction to Diana's death surely covered a range of ambivalent feelings, and was not just a cold insistence on protocol, as suggested by the film.

Prince Charles tells his mother, "The Diana we knew was very different than the Diana idolized by the public", but this truth is never developed in the film.  I'll mention it here.

While the "people's princess" remains the icon of superficial popular culture, the Royals knew a very different, darker character behind the facades of glamour and pseudo-compassion.

Both Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer, suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder caused by their mother's abandoning them as young children.  A google search reveals that Diana is considered a case study in BPD by mental health professionals.

For Charles Spencer, BPD meant insatiable sexual promiscuity (his wife was divorcing him at the time of Diana's death). For Diana, BPD meant intense insecurity and insatiable need for attention and affection which even the best husband could never fulfill. 

Clinically, it's clear that the Royal family did not cause her "problems". Rather, Diana brought her multiple issues into the marriage, and the Royal family was hapless to deal with them.

Her illness, untreated, sowed the seeds of her fast and unstable lifestyle, and sadly, her tragic fate.

nanz3she said...

Wow, that's definitely explains a lot (no pun intended). I am not a big fan of the royal families or the late princess, but my sympathies goes for the ppl (potrayed in the movie) who really felt the loss. In the end,its like feeling sorry for your friend's great aunt death.

journal mommy said...

I would like to see 'curse of golden flower' but sadly didn't have the heart to leave kids behind in weekends after abandon them in weekdays. sigh...!