Sunday, January 21, 2007

rich husband anyone?

I just hate the phrase "find a rich guy/husband" a reply whenever I am discussing my future plans.

At first it was really like an innocent suggestion or an offhand remark for a single gal, but after hearing it coming from different sources for 5 years, that line is getting old and moldy!!

Almost evertime I mention getting back to uni, or really like a piece of fine property, or an expensive purchase or just buying a tube of hagen daz (yes, it happened), some people around me will quickly remark "Boy, you gonna have to find a rich husband to foot all your bills and your lifestyle!"

100 years ago, that remark would be given very seriously indeed, as not many women had the means or the opportunity to support themselves.
But, at this 21st century where almost every women that I know are working, I personally consider that remark as insulting, because it implied that I could not support my self in the world and thus will have to hang my hopes on some bloke.
Offcourse I understand that some of them means well, but that line is starting to grate on my nerves!

I really would like to know if this line of thought ever being given from a brother to a brother for instance, "Yo bro, find yourself a rich wife". In asian countries, this will almost never happen.
Because however modern our society had evolved to, the general opinion will be the guy being the head of the family and bring the biggest bread home. Something to do with the ego, I am told.

I am not opposed to the idea of marriage, but certainly not to the idea of marrying a guy with thick portfolio as a single requirement. There was once an ad by

De beers

of the right hand diamond.
"Your left hand rock the cradle, your right hand rock the world"

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