Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Action! Action! Action!

Watched a couple of movie during the week with one of my movie pal, and we saw Transformers and Die Hard

Transformers tells the story of aliens in the form of robots who's having war in their planet and their fight got extended to Earth. All Autobots (and decepticons) can transform to whatever piece of machinery and posess a high degree of intelligence.
On general, the movie is pretty good with superior effect and lots of action, but lack intellegence. I hate to say it, but if I am 8 yrs old and still playing "Cowboys and Indians" with my cousin, I will enjoy this movie tremendously! As it was, after the first half of the movie, I was bored.
After all the good guys and the bad guys make themselves "known", there is not much surprise anymore besides the action, which are sometimes too fast for our eyes to see. One second Megatron is scuffling with Optimus Prime, the next, Megatron lying on the road with his chest melted. If you are not fast enough to see that Sam (Witwicky) is not holding the cube anymore and reasoned that instead of Optimus Prime sacrificing his chest to swallow the cube, Sam pushed it in to Megatron's, you might not know how he died.

There are a few bone of contentment in that movie for me:
1. Why all the good guys only transformed as cars!?!? the bad guys got a tank, a fighter jet and a chopper! about lack of ammo.
2. At the end of the movie, all the carcasses of the bad guys got dumped in the middle of the ocean! Nice going guys; teach the kids to throw rubbish or any unwanted toys irresponsibly. Yeah, the narator said that they are being frozen in the deepest of the ocean bla bla bla, but hey, nothing shown! This is a visual movie right?!

To be fair tough, I did have a few giddy moments when one by one the robots transformed or when they are in action, they are pretty cool!

The next day, we watched Die Hard 4. Now this movie also have non stop action after the 1st hr. The story is about Detective John McClanne (Bruce Willis) who had an assignment to pick up a hacker for questioning at FBI. What supposed to be a rookie job, turns out bad, because the hacker is on somebody's elimination list.
Apparently there are bad guys hacking into the US government systems to do some "virtual terrorism" by controlling all the systems and networks in the country, and that lucky Matt (the hacker on elimination list) is a loose end.

I watched Die Hard from the 1st movie, what interest me is the lucky sonofaMcClanne with his dry humor, sarcasm and wit. But in this 4th picture, there is a double dose of dry humor plus guts in the form of John's grown up daughter. SPOILERS!! I really like Lucy's answer when she is being held hostage to speak to John "And now there are 5 of them"

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