Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By now, you guys would have finished the last installment of Harry Potter so I think its safe to discuss it in details, unlike some people who spoiled the good fun

I have to say, although there are reviews abound in the net as well as print a few hours after the book being released regarding how the story ends, I managed to resist jumping straight to the last chapter to find out. In my opinion, the suspense, the thrill and the adventure of the entire story of Harry and his friends will be pointless if you know first hand that he will live or die. And I am so glad I persevered, because it makes the end sweeter and has more meaning.

Its too complicated to discuss in one blog (or even several blogs), but all I can say is, all the "loose ends" of harry potter's story since the first book came up seems to tie up nicely and somehow logically (like the bit about why Draco's wand in Harry's possession more powerful than Voldermort's Elder wand) . Others might be a bit dissapointed in a part or two of Harry Potter and how the story ends, but not this author. I was totally engrossed by the book and I was driven by curiosity and suspense as I go through page by page actions.

I like the complexity of the story, which means that JK Rowling does not underestimate the capability of children's (and young adults') imagination by simplifying the story; and no matter what others said, they are all linked together.

For adults who find the story somewhat not to their satisfaction, just keep in mind that this book falls under young adults category. Like I said to a colleague the other day "its like believing in Santa Claus....."

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