Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Simpsons


(Like in the words of Jeremy Clarkson,"Wait, I'm not done yet")..


Watched the movie last night, and it was so funny..in a "Simpsons" way...off course...

The movie is different from the others as they creatively design the intro and ending of the film as part of the movie, which are loadsa fun!


The story tells about Lisa Simpson brow beating the people of springfield to take action in saving their lake, which is getting more and more polluted by the minute. But after everyone get their act together, one dump from Homer is all it takes to make the lake water as dangerous as a twoheaded rattlesnake. After being discovered by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the town is sealed with a giant glass dome, to prevent the pollution from spreading to other towns. This spark the anger of the town folks.
In a desparate flight to safety, they manage to escape to the outer side of the dome and heading to Alaska.

But, when the government disclosed the plan to destroy and wipe the entire town of Springfield, the Simpsons family went back to help safe their town.

Along the way, Lisa met an Irish boy who make her weak in the knees and sweaty palms, Bart experiencing some "normal" boy longings for a "normal" father (now I know how to make a perfectly smashing cup of cocoa; the Flanders way), Maggie turn out to be the tiny "hero" of the family, Homer got himself a "spiderpig" and Marge shows how much she loves Homer despite everything he ever did to the family and himself.

Good Fun!!!...I might just watch it again.............................hahaha

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