Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Diana Krall

Last weekend me and nadia went to see Diana Krall concert in Fort Canning Park.

There are a few unfortunate elements in play over this concert;
1. The concert was held in the same night as the F1 practice session and in open air where the demonic roar (not that I hate it) of the cars can still be heard.
If the concert was to be held in its original venue at keppel bay, the noise might not travel that far.
2. The concert started late as I think the organisers (or indeed Diana herself) wanted to maximize the break period of F1 practice session. Even so, the first 2 songs and the last 2 songs were still competing with the exhaust noise from the cars and the whup whup of the circling helicopter.
3. Diana was having a flu and the event was peppered with her cough.
4. My backside was flatten a bit due to sitting at the hard brick steps of Fort Canning Centre.
But, other than a few complaints above, I have to say that the experience was not all bad. In spite of having cold, listening to Diana's voice live was an extraordinary experience. Her voice is so smooth! my favourite combination is her voice and the piano. Amazing!

PS: my list above is shorter than somebody else's whom got published in the monday paper. However, I do feel that his feelings are justified as the complaints that he put forward are genuinely unacceptable for a world class concert.
Sorry i can't remember all of the list's items but it involves muddy track of the venue; refreshment booth that are unsatisfactory and untrained ushers on top of the things I've mentioned.

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