Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My first F1


Last saturday, me,Mal,Rudy and Tong went to see the Singapore F1 GP, from the sidelines. I confess I was taking too long to think whether I should buy the ticket to the GP or not, as not many of my friends going. Anyhow, couldn't get the ticket as they are sold out.

So, we were walking around Suntec City to see if we can catch a glimpse of the track from somewhere around there. As I mentioned in my previous post, the noise that the cars made, while we were in Diana Krall's concert is really got me curious and excited to see what it's all about.
So on that qualifying night, we walk around the track to see if there are some free-view spot.

We ended up on top of a multilevel carpark, a block from Suntec, and can see 2 corners; the turn in front of the meritus mandarin and the turn to the supreme court. And it was just AWESOME!!!
Altough we can only see about 1/20th of the original car size, even from that distance you can feel the adrenalin, the heat and hear the roar of those powerful engines.
We were not the only ones on top of that car park. Even people who has tickets to the race would like to get a better (bigger) view of the street track.

Finally, just a few minutes before 10pm (the qualifying race) we moved and managed to get a spot on one of the external staircases of Marina Square that faces the coming cars from raffles boulevard.
I think one of the advantages of not having a ticket is you can pretty much walk around the circuit to see from different point of view rather than rooted to your assigned seat.Off course you'd have to search and climb to the surrounding buildings to see the track, but it was worth it.

Wanting to see from the different point of view (and also to see the parked Pagani Zonda in front of the Meritus Mandarin) we went down to the lobby of Meritus, where a lot of people also gathered to see right from the edge of the track! and it was faboulous! Up close, you can smell the rubber burning and the noise was even more deafening! and like nothing I've heard before! Luckily I already equipped myself with ear plugs.

The tricky thing after the race is getting out of the track area. With more than 50,000 people, walking is reduced to crawling at the speed of a snail. Once we reach the streets, we walk to reach mrt or bus and I ended up walking the distance from Suntec city to Sommerset MRT! If it wasn't adrenaline, I wouldn't last that far!

Still, I think we are going to get the tickets for next year F1!!


PS: I gotta say that I am impressed with the staff at Meritus Mandarin; as a lot of people whom are not guests at the hotel, passers-by like us who wanted to see the track, were walking in and out of the hotel, trampling the grass, taking pictures, use the hotel as the access between the track and the Marina Square; and the staff of the hotel are pretty much leave us be. No body harrassed us or anything. It might be because we are pretty well mannered around the hotel or maybe the hotel are just so full of people that they don't have the resources to manage the mob.

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