Monday, November 27, 2006

movie fest

Last weekend, was a movie fest for me..

It was all started with "A Beautiful Mind", on the telly. A rerun for me off course, coz I already watched it over the cinema, but nevertheless (as stated in my bio) it's my favourite movie so far, and I watched it till its over.

Saturday started late, so after lunch not much things to do, I "skimmed" through "Akeelah and the Bee" and "Take the Lead"
(Skimmed = re run at the dvd after the initial viewing over the cinema)
Went out to dinner bought "First Daughter" by Ms.Katie Holmes. Not too bad movie, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say 5. The reason is this movie is a siamese twin with "liberty". Same story line, same concept, but Ms.Holmes played her role with more "I-am-a-princess-in-a-white-castle" attitude then the-girl-at-"liberty"-which-I-can't-remember-her-name.

Sunday started later than saturday. After lunch, went down town and end up in the cinema for "Material Girls".
Not exactly hate it, but won;t recommend it either. Nothing against the Duff sisters' act, just not my storyline and type. Even though there is an attempt to make the movie look "smarter" its just all about dumb-blondes and dry jokes.

Got home, eat dinner, catch the tail of Mr.Bond's Aston Martin in "Die Another Day" and on to Ms.Audrey Hepburn (bought before head home) on the DVD for "Breakfast at Tiffany". I watched this one, more because of curiosity rather than anything.
I was curious as to what makes the movie so popular after its time beside its connection to the jewellery empire and the catchy score.
Well,.............its classic, and I discovered that I am not a bone-deep-romantics after all,..just skin-deep,.....

I wonder what held in store for next week.........

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