Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Just want to share my mate's story (Leni - Thank's Len), enjoy;

Three countries, America, England and Indonesia, are trying very hard to determine which country among the three of them had the most sophisticated technology by testing their soil contents.

As agreed, America will start, followed by England and Indonesia.

In America, after digging as deep as 1000m, they found a copper cable, so American Team proudly announced that 1500 years ago, America had construct phone system utilizing copper cables.

In England, there were nothing after 1000m dig, but at 1500m, they found fragments of glass. England team therefore proudly announced that 2500 years ago, communication had utilize advance Fibre optics in their system.

Lastly, in Indonesia, they dig for 1500m, 2000m, and still they had not found anything. So, Indonesian team -bursting with pride- concluded that 5000 years ago, communication in Indonesia had been WIRELESS.