Monday, November 13, 2006

Little shop of horrors

Went to an interesting and certainly entertaining musical yesterday night with my cousin and his friend.

At first, I was not so convinced about the title nor the cast (being never heard of them before), but my cousin was pretty eager to see it. Not that he knew anything about it either, but simply being recommended by his friend

Anyway, we dress up, doll up (me, that is), and off we go.
Part of what makes me agree to, is because my cousin said that it is a comedy, so I figured that there will be no harm done from a little laugh, and the music arranged by Mr.Alan Menken, my favourite Disney scores composer.

It was suprisingly quite funny, although one or two of the local jokes just escape me; but nevertheless it was a good musical with lots of potential.
The leading lady, I especially noted has great pipes. The rest of the crew are good too.
The show was attracting lots of kiddies too, the content being not too stuffy, not too scary, sexy but harmless, with a few twists.

The odd thing that I noticed is that there seems to be a subtle battle of popularity between the chorus girls; "The Dim Sum Dollies" and the rest of the crew. Or is it just because "The Dim Sum Dollies" are very chatty, vibrant and witty, they overshadowed the rest.

Not until lunch with the guys at work, did I know, that the musical is an adaptation from the original version to the local style.

But, I can say that Singapore are definitely appreciating (and having) more art variety with almost International quality.

For you guys in Singapore, have a go at the show, have a great evening, or at the very least you will have a good laugh or two (which will improve that mood!!):P

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