Saturday, June 16, 2007

North and South (2)

I've finished reading my 1st classic book. "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell!
Proud to say, this is the first classic that I read front to back and every page in between.

Previously, I tried to read "War and Peace" and "Persuasion"...but still couldn't finish either books.

Since the style of writing is pretty much different with current literature / fiction, I couldn't read as fast as I usually do in modern fiction, because the language is not something that I am familiar with (old english), there are quotes and lines from other classic works, so you've got to read slowly to understand the subtle sarcasm or the implied meaning or reference to the culture and trend.

All in all, I enjoyed it immensely! The story enfold slowly, with details that paint a complete picture of the background of the story, why certain things are the way they are, and it gave me a better understanding of each characters; the introduction and the glossary provides further explanatory notes which really great and helpful.

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