Friday, June 29, 2007

hot hot fuuuzzzzz......

Outrageously funny!!! I laugh all through the movie and after!

"Hot Fuzz" tells the story of police officer (policeman is apparently a sexist remark) sergeant Nicholas "Angle" Angel, played by Simon Pegg, who got "transferred" to Sandford due to some jealous colleagues "You are so good, you make the rest of us look bad" said the Chief of Police. When sergeant Angel arrive at his new post, he paired up with Danny Butterman (Nick Frost).

All is well in sleepy Sandford where the latest crimes are runaway swan or clipping your neighbour hedges and the only high speed chase happened between the sergeant and a shoplifter.
However, things started to get interesting when people started dying by various "accidents" (which a police officer shouldn't mentioned since it implied no one is to blame).

What makes the whole movie is highly entertaining is the way they imitate the "action packed-adrenaline high" style of hollywood action movie and twisted it in British (satire) style.
The result is out of this world!
If I am a certified movie critics, I would give "Hot Fuzz" five popcorn out of five!! yohoo!!

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