Monday, June 18, 2007


I am in pain....

Last saturday I went to a dance studio near the office for a street jazz session, I've always pass by in front of the studio every to and from work. It so happens that I wanted to see ifI can still bend my back like I did during my teen and shake up my congaled blood for not exercising for 7 years. It was a bad idea.

Went there on time, paid the one-off fee, changed my street clothes and in to the freezing cold studio! It was raining outside the whole day and the tiny studio is equipped with industrial strengh blower!
Anyway, the instructor came (she couldn't be old enough to drive, I was thinking), but she can definitely dance.

After 15 minutes into the warm up session, I was starting to forget about the cold, as my muscles being stretched from one end to another. The movements are familiar, so I could concentrate on my pilates breathing.
The hour passed by uneventfully, worked out a good sweat and feeling re-freshed, if not a bit battered.

However, judgement hour didn't come until the next morning, when I realize upon waking, that my muscles protested loudly over the hard work they have to endure the previous day. They were ( are! ) taut and I have to moved about quite slowly like a little old lady. Even to prop up my legs on the coffee table needs studious care....(ugh)

I've learned a lesson with this "experiment",....I have to admit that I am too old, to do an exercise led by not-yet-20-girls who still have wax for their muscles; must find a class that cater to above 25's who hasn't run in more than 5 years unless to catch the bus.

Sad, 'in't it?!


journal mommy said...

poor you....
try to soak into a bath tub filled with warm water
plus few drops of essential oil
hm....that dream is expensive for me..!

nomad girl said...

I think its not so expensive as much as you can't "afford" the time to luxuriate so....