Thursday, October 26, 2006

au revoir..

Yesterday, I say goodbye to my most expensive shoes (to date),...

They have been with me for almost 4 months, and during that time, everytime I put them on, they gave me the blisters of my life.
The last straw is yesterday when in the short 30 minutes morning commute to office, they manage to gave me a blister the size of the African Continent at the back of my heel!! which popped before I can do anything about it! plus squashed my toes until everytime I slip out of them I almost cry with relief.
I went barefoot for the whole day in the office.. luckily none of the guys minded much,.. (haha) but unfortunately its really uncomfortable as my office floor is a concrete spread.

They are not always so a pain-in-the-foot, I quite happy when I bought them, they really looked good on and off my feet, although I guess my feet are silently suffering.
Anyway, on the way home, I grab a pair of flip flops from the local super, and chuck the offending pair in the refuse box.

But, my dear friends, that is not the end of the story, from the super, I went to the shoe shop to get a similar concept shoe (working shoe) but with an open heel (what with all those blisters), and guess what, these new pair want to live up to their predecessor's achievement by rubbing the sides of my feet red!,....argh!!

Now,aside from the sterile gauze covering my ankle, there are 2 strips of Mr.Handyplast at my feet!! Not even my suitcase has this many decor!!!...

This is really not a good week to buy shoes,..


journal mommy said...

when u have a pair of new shoes, wear a damp wet socks and wear your new shoes around. this is perfectly done during your weekends, while you are staying at home! i'm not suggesting you to do it while you are in orchard road.
after couple days wearing them with damp socks, your brand new shoes will bit soft and won't bite your feet. Want to give it a try?
Another solution is to send your brand new shoes to me. When they are comfortable enough to wear, i will return them to you. hahahahaa

nanz3she said...

Yeah right!,..