Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a weekend,..

Winding down after movie night with a buddy, I can say that this 2 weekend night have been splendid,..
Last night went out for dinner with the girls to one rochester, up at Rochester park. Really charming; secluded, live sax, not too shabby food, decent beverages, however it is the surrounding and the setting of the place (lush landscaping, romantic lighting and great weather!) that really made that place currently the top of my list for the ult chill out place.
Its a cluster of 10 "Black and White"s, currently only 5 opened for public, as various restaurants and lounge bar. We only went to one rochester, but we did have a tour about the compound to scout our next rendesvous. Being there feels like being invited to one of the private parties, and actually they were catering to a function on the 2nd level for some association.
Definitely the place to chill out or 2nd date.

And there is today (or technically yesterday), went with one of my mate who's visiting from home, to a movie "scoop" which is suprisingly good.
Mystery-comedy-romantic-ironic of woody allen, this movie doesn;t really strike gold with the critics but its an enjoyable movie, so what the heck,..its entertainment.

But, there are still 21 hours to go before the weekend actually ends and I am an optimist.


journal mommy said...

nemu cowok cakep yet?

nanz3she said...

Nemu sih banyak, lewat seliweran dkt meja kita, tapi belom ada yg berani kenalan tuch!