Friday, October 20, 2006


I never fully understood the complications and the consequences of being an expat before.
Although I am only a stone throw away from home, it made quite a difference.

When I was a foreign student exploring and sociallizing is something that comes more naturally (for me) because that is the stage of life when you kind of spread your wings and have a look around the world, met likeminded people with all the energy and enthusiasm of youth. But as you add more years to your age, it is human nature to start rooting at a particular spot most comfortable for them and start develop a social web (married, have children, take up golf,etc) and have a target in life that most of the time doesn't include a lot of travelling.
To uproot and plant it somewhere else, the web must once again be woven to the local scene, and it will take a certain skill and passion that will in the end effect the speed of the web forms, how wide the web reach out to, and how strong it is.

Now, even though I barely get my feet wet in this new territory, I have planned to try other country for a living. Its sort of work and travel, but since I am not with a company that sends its staff around the world nor I have money to burn, so this is one of the solution that I can think of.

I have a feeling I will develop a soft yet strong "web" ; light; easy to transport yet reliable. :P

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