Sunday, October 22, 2006

morrigan's cross, the trilogy

I've just finished reading the new trilogy fiction by Nora Roberts; Morrigan's Cross, Dance of Gods and Valley of Silence; which this time, have a bit of every genre in them; science fiction, thriller, folk lore, and off course romance.

The three books tells about a fictional fight of good against evil with a dash of hollywood style thrown in, anyway, suffice it to say that I recommend these books (of the trilogy) to anyone who likes a good happy ending ;where the guy get the girl.
I also thinks that the trilogy are not for novice readers; as Ms.Roberts' novels (most of the time) are in-depth in research, very detailed which one needs to read with concentration, and imagination that rivals the author of Harry Potter.
As entertainment goes, its two thumbs up!!

I wonder if any film maker/producer/anybody with a thick pocket, would find them interesting enough to translate them to the silver screen. I will be the first to queue at the box office on the first day of release.

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