Tuesday, October 31, 2006

yin and yang??

We currently move our office to a new location.

Previously, it was a home office, built at the back garden of a "black and white"; quiet, full of foliage, a pet,timber decking, and 2 hawker centre for lunch option.
Now, we still have foliage (across is a open air parking area), quiet during the day but in addition we are also close to: 10 hawker centre within easy walking distance [that's about 100 plus hawkers], a supermarket, a mall, a wet market, 3 (three!!) 7-eleven (within a 100m in each direction!), and a streetful of KTV lounges and pubs!!

I've got nothing against those lounges, as they only start after 5pm everyday (although there are times I am tempted to throw something hard at a bad voice screeching from one of the establishment) , so we have the street for the day, and they rule it over the night.
Most of the lounges are located on the ground floor of the shophouse while at the 2nd/3rd floor, like us, are occupied by sober and creative offices; from architecture firms, advertising firms, investment firms, something-that-deals-with-marine firms, etc that doesn;t minded a bit of "life".

Interesting ain't it??

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