Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Girl in the Green Scarf

Yesterday night, me and my friend went for the movie "Confessions of a shopaholic"; which I approach with caution as earlier in the day, I read the newspaper about the movie and found so many unfavourable reviews.
Most of the reviews slammed the movie as
shallow, weak and man-crazy might guess that these reviewers are mostly men! Who have no understanding whatsoever of the sometimes-weak-slightly-neurotic dark side of Venus(es).

One brave men writer even wrote
have women gone nuts?
with reference to movies like Sex and the City movie
There is a joke about the Sex and the City movie that says that of the few men who watched it, half were gay and the other half were straight men who had done something really bad
(read=watching the movie is like punishment for these straight guys)
I don't disagree because Hey, that movie is celebrating women POWER (I would like to include underline, but there is none)
If you don't like it, then don't watch it,...same as I wouldn't watch 300 or saving private ryan, cause I don't fancy blood and gore with my popcorn.

so for guys who don't understand it - give it up, don't try, as we don't understand some of your guy-cry movies either.

-------------------------------spoilers ahead!!--------------------------------------

Back to the movie, a basic requirement is you will have to love shopping even a teeny tiny bit to understand the sentiment.
Secondly, you got to like a teeny tiny bit of Ally Mcbeal, as Becky (Isla Fisher) is the shopping version of Ally.

The movie is simply about addiction. In this case, addiction to shopping. As in general cases of addiction, the victim has to get "hit" at regular intervals to soothe their craving and "make the world better".

The verdict? I love it; I mean who hasn't experience trouble with money once in their life? Its the kind of movie that you rent for a girls' slumber party.
Light, refreshing and struck a chord with me in a few aspects; and as a romantic comedy, the fantasy does really hit the spots with over the top bills, SA (Shopaholic Anonymous); and the absolutely-DELICIOUS-Hugh Dancy-with British lilt *sigh* (Shallow Mode ON)
In the first scene where Hugh met Isla, I can almost literaly feel my toes (and the toes of all women in the cinema) just curl with delight!
The tousled brown hair, the pointed chin, the annoyed yet amused gaze, the expressive mouth and the accent just melt me like a warm butter on a hot toast! *sigh again*

Wake Up, Nancy!! *slap slap and tissue to wipe my drool*


journal mommy said...

aiyaayayayayaya ... I can imagine it's very disgusting to watch this movie with you.
I have not watch this movie too.
Would like it, but couldn't leave kids right now ...

nomad girl said...

why disgusting????
I got tissue.....hahahhahahahahahah